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    Breast Augmentation Photos - Case #20810

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    Patient Case #20810

    This 36 year old woman came to the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery for a breast augmentation (breast implants). She had been lacking quite a bit of breast tissue and wanted more fullness, overall. The way to get this look is primarily with breast implants. She and Dr. Bivik Shah discussed the difference between the different types of implants (silicone vs. saline). The patient had decided upon 360cc silicone breast implants. The after photo here was taken a year and a half after her surgery.

    Implant Profile: Smooth, Round, High Profile
    Implant Saline or Silicone: Silicone
    Race: Caucasian
    Size of Implants (Volume): 400cc
    City: Columbus

    Patient Age: 36
    Patient Height: 5'8
    Patient Weight: 125
    Breast Augmentation
    Breast Augmentation
    Breast Augmentation
    Breast Augmentation

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