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8 Ways to Tell If a Woman Has Had a Bad Boob Job

“Real boobs” and “fake boobs” do appear differently if the procedure is done poorly. Whether you’re a guy or gal, we’re sure that at some point, you’ve noticed an attractive woman who is dramatically busty, making you ask yourself: “Are her boobs real or fake?” Here are some ways to determine if you’re gazing at fake ones:

  • Maintains Perfect Shape With Movement: It’s rare for naturally large breasts to be asymmetrical or even hold in place when a woman moves her arms around. Natural breast tissue typically flattens out or adjusts in shape with certain movements, such as reaching back or stretching. Naturally large breasts should also hang or fall when a woman bends over.
  • Bubbly Look: Natural breasts tend to have a more natural sliding curve from the top of the breasts to the bottom, similar to a pear or teardrops. If a woman’s breasts appear “bubbled up” on top, it is likely she has implants. Natural breasts tend to be fuller on the bottom.
  • Overly Firm: Breasts mostly consist of fat, which is why they usually jiggle upon movement. If they look like solid muscle, chances are the woman can credit that to her saline or silicone gel implants. Natural breasts do not resemble balloons or cantaloupes that are about to burst.
  • Too High Up: If a woman hasn’t completely healed from her procedure (the breasts haven’t “dropped” into place yet), her breasts may position themselves much higher than normal. Natural breasts typically sit right at armpit height, and shouldn’t mimic two, ultra-high flotation devices.
  • Too Far / Close Together: If the woman has big breasts with a wide gap in the middle, this is usually a clear indication that she has implants. The gap exists because she didn’t have enough natural tissue to create cleavage. On the other end of the spectrum, breasts that are too close together, appearing dramatically unnatural, gives a sign that a woman’s breasts were augmented.
  • Asymmetrical Nipples: Most women wear bras, which conceal their nipples. But should a woman go bra-less, have on a see-through top, or be wearing a bra with really thin material, you may notice the placement of her nipples. The natural location of a woman’s nipples are rarely in a perfect position. A bad boob job may cause the nipples to appear distorted; they may sit too high, too low, or point in different directions.
  • Stretch Marks: It’s natural for skin to stretch as a person grows, causing stretch marks in that location. If you notice stretch marks on a woman’s breasts, this is not automatically a clue that she has implants, because a yo-yo dieter may also have stretch marks there. However, stretch marks may indicate that the skin stretched in order to accommodate the insertion of large breast implants.
  • Disproportional Body: There are women who have the hourglass figure – shapely on the bottom and top, with a small waist. There are other woman who are very full on top, and extremely thin everywhere else. Both body shapes may have been enhanced with saline or silicone gel implants, but because many women go too big for their frame, the one to take special notice to is the woman who has an extremely fit or skinny body with large breasts.

Truth is: Real boobs in a push-up bra may look fake, while fake boobs from a really good plastic surgeon can look real. And while you may never for certain if a woman has implants unless she tells you, these general clues (although not science-proof) can still help determine the authenticity of a woman’s breasts.