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Butt Augmentation Procedures: Which is Right for You?

A cosmetic surgery procedure that has been gaining in popularity over the past few years is buttock augmentation. Many women are looking for larger and shapelier buttocks to enhance the overall look of their bodies.

Cultural standards of beauty change over time. Back is the sixties and seventies women were seeking to emulate the “Twiggy” shape of slim hips and small buttocks; not anymore.

If you have a flat, small or droopy butt this can be enhanced with one of two types of augmentation surgery; one of these is butt augmentation with implants, the other is butt augmentation with fat grafting (sometimes call the Brazilian Butt Augmentation or Brazilian Butt Lift).

The surgeon will choose between these two basic procedures based on several factors, including his consultation with you. Other situations that contribute to the decision are the current shape and size of your buttocks, the amount of fat available on your body, your own goals regarding the look of your butt, how active you are in your normal routine and the elasticity or your skin.

Buttocks Augmentation with Implants

In the butt augmentation with implants procedure, once pre-operative procedures, including the administering of anesthesia, have been completed, implants are surgically inserted into the buttocks. The surgeon makes an incision in the appropriate place in the buttock area. Next, he places a silicone implant, specially made for buttock augmentation, in the butt, near the gluteal muscle. After the implant is correctly placed in the buttocks, your cosmetic surgeon will close the incisions with layered sutures, skin adhesive and surgical tape.

The results you will see from this butt augmentation procedure are permanent and are immediately visible.

Buttock Augmentation with Fat Transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift)

The procedure for the butt augmentation with fat transfer is quite a bit different from that for silicone implants.

After pre-operative procedures, including anesthesia, are completed, liposuction is performed on the chosen areas of excess fat. The extracted fat is then processed. Once this processing has been completed, your surgeon will inject the fat into the buttocks in precise locations.

This augmentation procedure results in natural-looking and feeling buttocks. Unlike the enhancement that occurs with implants, with this fat transfer augmentation method, the size and projection of the buttocks may decrease over time. Also, as you gain or lose weight, the transferred fat can grow or shrink as any other normal fat anywhere else in your body.

With either augmentation by use of implants or butt augmentation with the fat grafting procedure, you will find your buttocks to be larger, firmer and shapelier than ever before.

If you are thinking about improving the size and shape of your butt, but are confused about which procedure is better for your particular body, come on in and talk to Dr. Shah here at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery. He will help guide you in your decision. Dr. Shah will also walk you through the entire procedure from preparing for surgery through full recovery. He will answer all your questions, so you feel informed and comfortable every step of the way.