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Convincing Your Friends and Family That Plastic Surgery is Right For You

Undergoing plastic surgery is typically considered a big deal, especially because most invasive procedures require a lengthy recovery time. Certain factors such as potential risks, side effects, and the financial cost of plastic surgery often make people nervous especially when it comes to bringing up their desired enhancement(s) to friends and family. In addition, some procedures are taboo and criticized by many. It may be challenging to convince those who are close to you that a plastic surgery procedure will have a positive impact on your life, but being upfront and honest is the best way to start.

In getting started, you can arrange a time for you and your loved ones to sit down and have a full conversation about your desired procedure. Ask them to let you fully explain how and why you want to change an area of your body before they interject. For instance, a part of your body may make you feel constantly self-conscious, affecting your level of self-confidence. This may actually hinder your performance at school or at work. If you are younger, you may be insecure about your ears due to the constant teasing and bullying. If you are an adult woman, you may feel uncomfortable going to the beach because you are embarrassed to show off your small-sized breasts in a bathing suit. By allowing your close friends and family the chance to learn about your personal situation, with the hopes that they will understand your needs, your overall decision to undergo plastic surgery may alleviate some stress.

In order to support your case, be sure to thoroughly learn about the procedure ahead of time so that you can explain what the surgery involves, including the techniques available, potential risks and side effects, costs, and recovery time. If you demonstrate that you have fully researched the procedure and understand all that it entails, your friends and family will be more likely to accept that you are serious about surgery. For example, teenagers can explain that although plastic surgery is not recommended for those still growing and maturing, ear surgery (“otoplasty”) is common in younger patients and do not hinder the body’s natural development. Explain common misconceptions about your surgery and allow your friends and family to ask questions. Being open about your feelings and discussing your options with those closest to you may help you convince them that plastic surgery is the right decision for you. Above all, whether your friends and family agree with you or not, be true to your needs and do what is right for you not to please anyone else.

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