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Grogginess After Surgery

Nobody likes to feel out of it, or “groggy.” Unfortunately, one of the major setbacks of undergoing plastic surgery is grogginess. If you are interested in undergoing an invasive procedure, it is likely that you have several concerns regarding anesthesia and the effect it has on a person after surgery. These are three of the most common questions prospective patients have:

  • What happens when I come out of an anesthetic state?
  • How long will I be groggy?
  • When can I drive?

If you are undergoing a procedure that requires general anesthesia (affects the whole body and usually induces a loss of consciousness), your recovery time may take longer. Immediately after surgery, you will feel groggy and tired. If you have a pre-existing condition, such as slow functioning of the liver or the kidneys, you may experience a lengthier groggy period. The fatigue and tired feeling usually lasts longer in older adults as compared to younger patients.

After any surgical procedure, you should always have a loved one or friend else drive you home, which should be set up prior to your surgery. It is not safe that you get behind the wheel (or operate any machinery) for at least 24 hours following surgery, even if you feel completely normal. Even if you feel refreshed immediately after surgery, it is always recommended that the patient relaxes as much as possible directly following any invasive procedure.

In general, the recovery time is an essential step in the plastic surgery experience. If you resume normal or vigorous activity too early, you may experience prolonged grogginess and not recover as quickly. You should strictly follow your doctor's post-recovery instructions in order to ensure that you have a strong and healthy recovery. Following the surgeon’s post-operative instructions also help lower your risk of developing post-operative complications.

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