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New Year, New Health

For many of us, the holidays are a time to see family and spend time with friends. They are also a time to eat (a lot!) and we tend to get away from our normal routines, such as exercising and eating well, for an extended period of time. As the New Year approaches, just about every person makes resolutions and sets their own goal(s) for the upcoming year.

What will you do?

The usual list of New Year’s resolutions include things like losing weight, saving more money, and managing stress. While those are all great affirmations to make, there are other ideas that can be more fun and a bit less drastic.

Here is a list of some simple New Year’s resolutions you can make:

  • Eat big and healthy breakfasts
  • Meet your neighbors
  • Listen more, speak less
  • Remember your friends’ and family’s birthdays
  • Handwrite thank you letters and cards
  • Free your skin of makeup for a few days
  • Learn to shut your mind off when resting
  • Hug your friends whenever you see them
  • Keep a list of things that make you instantly happy
  • Be thankful for the little things

Even the smallest changes in one’s self can have the most dramatic effects in the long-term.

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