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Rhinoplasty – Getting the Right Plastic Surgeon is Everything

Amongst the wide variety of facial cosmetic surgeries available, the most frequently requested is nose reshaping, also known as Rhinoplasty. And Rhinoplasty is second only to breast augmentation as the most desired of all cosmetic surgery procedures.

Surgery to alter the shape and size of your nose has become a routine and extremely safe procedure. One word of caution does apply; make sure you always choose a highly trained, experienced, board certified plastic surgeon for your procedure. This is vitally important.

But, what does “Board-Certified” actually mean?

Board certification is the process by which a physician in the United States demonstrates a mastery of the core knowledge and skills of a specific area of medical specialization, such as plastic surgery. A physician wishing to achieve board certification in plastic surgery must successfully complete and pass an examination process designed to test mastery and skills of the most vital areas of core competency. This certification process has been established, over the years, by that specific certifying agency or board.

The United States recognizes 26 medical specialties and a doctor can become board-certified in one or more of these. Becoming board-certified is not a legal requirement to practice, but some hospitals require that a physician must be board-certified before they are allowed hospital privileges.

The American Board of Plastic Surgery certifies a physician only after extensive training and testing in this area of specialization. A patient, seeing a doctor has been board-certified in a medical specialty such as plastic surgery, has extra assurance that the doctor is competent in this field.

You can ensure the doctor you have chosen is board-certified in plastic surgery by checking the database of the American Board of Plastic Surgery at this website:

Once you have found a surgeon board certified in plastic surgery and see that they have experience in facial cosmetic surgery; it’s time to schedule a consultation.

When you are looking at nose reshaping you will want to know that the plastic surgeon you have chosen understands you and what exact changes you’re looking for. You’ll want to see pictures of other, similar procedures they have performed. And you’ll want to know from the doctor that your expectations are realistic and that he feels confident he can create for you the exact type of facial profile you are looking for.

After establishing that you and your plastic surgeon are in agreement on your rhinoplasty goals and the expected outcome, it’s time to go over any questions you might have regarding the procedure itself and the recovery.

At this point, you’ll probably be happy to know that rhinoplasty is not only very safe, but produces virtually no scarring and has a relative quick recovery time.

Ask all the questions you can think of and make sure you understand the answers. You will want to know as much as you can and have a good grasp of what is expected of you as the patient. Feeling comfortable with your doctor will help you to have a stress-free and successful nose reshaping.