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Rhinoplasty May Be Good for Singers

Barbra Streisand, known for her award-winning voice and characteristic nose, is also quite famous for refusing rhinoplasty surgery. She once said that her deviated septum was what made her voice special, and if she ever got it corrected, it would ruin her career.

As one of the few entertainers who have won an Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Award, Streisand’s decision not to risk her signature twang is understood. With septoplasty (more so than with rhinoplasty) a change to the clarity of the voice is always a slight risk. For Streisand, this was a problem. But for most people, a little more clarity to the voice may be something to be desired.

The septoplasty procedure results in a more open nasal airway. As a result, the m, n, and ng sounds may become slightly more pronounced. Not only will the patient be able to breathe more easily, but also the effort put forth in singing will decrease, which may even help with the upper register. Singers should note, however, that any improvement to the clarity of the voice will be minor if it occurs. Likewise, the severity of a negative impact to the sound of the voice, like it could be with Streisand’s, would be just as small. For those who have a concern about the procedure affecting their signature nasal tone, it is possible to use the palate differently in order to close the nasopharynx and restore the preoperative voice while singing. Again, chances of making a significant change are rare, but should this occur, vocal coaching can help. Preventing snoring, sleep apnea, sinusitis, or the ability to breathe more easily will definitely be worth the slight risk.

As far as looks are concerned, singer and actress Lea Michele, star of the hit TV series Glee, also resists cosmetic surgery in spite of the media’s not-so-subtle hints to remove the bump on her nose. Sometimes a certain characteristic is what makes a person unique, and they wish to keep that feature. Dr. Shah believes that rhinoplasty is not a “cookie cutter” procedure and that one particular shape is not the best choice for every individual. This is especially true for those with ethnic noses or other unique features they wish to keep. In fact, many people would reference Streisand’s “bump” on her nose as the area that needed correction, but Streisand said that if she ever got the procedure done for aesthetic reasons, she would only alter the tip of her nose “just a little bit.”

Top plastic surgeon Dr. Bivik Shah takes all concerns into account when evaluating patients for these cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. As a skilled rhinoplasty specialist, Dr. Shah has much experience balancing the intricacies that determine not only the way the nose looks, but also how it functions as well.

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