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The Best Rhinoplasty Comes from a Top Plastic Surgeon

We’ve all seen the results of a great rhinoplasty and have seen as well nose jobs that make us cringe. As with anything else in life, the greatest results come from using a specialist with the best training and most experience. And when it comes to your health and your appearance, this selection process becomes more important than ever.

The first step to choosing the best plastic surgeon for your rhinoplasty is to check a few fundamentals.

Is the surgeon you are thinking of using to perform your rhinoplasty Board Certified? This is vital. Most people assume that state medical boards ensure that surgeons are qualified to perform all the procedures they say they are able to do. This is not true. The government does not require a surgeon to get additional training relevant to any certain procedure, such as a nose job or breast enhancement. This can be a real problem for a patient. To prevent problems that can come from using an inexperienced or insufficiently trained surgeon, choose only a surgeon who has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Surgeons certified by this board must have undergone at least 3 years of general surgery training and 2 years of plastic surgery training. Additionally, they must pass comprehensive written and oral examinations. No other certifying board requires such stringent standards.

Does the plastic surgeon have sufficient experience? When you go in for your initial consultation, ask how many rhinoplasty procedures the surgeon has performed. Ask to see before and after pictures. This step will give you an excellent idea of whether you are talking to one of the top plastic surgeons in the area.

How do you feel about the plastic surgeon? Your feelings of confidence and the ease with which you can talk to the surgeon must also have a bearing on your decision?

Make sure your plastic surgeon spends time during the consultation explaining the surgery to you. You want to know that your doctor will take the time with you to make sure you understand all that is going to be involved in your surgery.

Do you feel comfortable explaining to the surgeon what you are hoping to achieve with your rhinoplasty? Noses are not a “one size fits all” proposition and your opinions and goals for your procedure do matter. You want a surgeon who recognizes this fact.

Here are a few more questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I feel confident that with this surgeon I will get the results I’m looking for?
  • Do I feel a sense of rapport with this individual?
  • Do I think the surgeon will do what’s best for me in relation to safety as well as outcome?
  • Can I ask any questions I want without feeling stupid?
  • Am I comfortable confiding in this plastic surgeon and disclosing my full medical history and any habits I have that could affect the surgery or my health in general?

If you’re thinking about how to get the best rhinoplasty from a top plastic surgeon, give us a call at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery and meet Dr. Shah. Board Certified in Plastic Surgery and immensely experienced, I think you’ll like talking with him and going over what you are looking for in your rhinoplasty. He’ll show you some before and after photos and tell you what you can expect before, during and after you rhinoplasty.