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Breast Augmentation Columbus

Tired of looking in the mirror and not being happy with your breasts?  Or maybe you just want to wear that perfect top and have it look GREAT on you!


Are you to the point in your life where you are ready to fill out tops, enjoy bikini shopping, and to feel more confident being naked?


I’m so excited to tell you that YOU can love the reflection in the mirror…it’s possible for you!  In fact over 2000 of my patients can tell you its possible!


And we’re here to guide you each step of the way!


Breast augmentation involving implants is one of the most common procedures performed by Dr. Bivik Shah at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery in Ohio. Dr. Shah has performed over 1600 breast augmentation surgeries and is one the busiest breast implant surgeons in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Breast augmentation is a wonderful way to regain confidence about yourself and your body. Many women find they cannot fit into all types of clothes or swimwear due to their breast size. These women many times find that a procedure for breast augmentation with breast implants provides the self-confidence boost that they have been seeking. After breast augmentation surgery, patients find that they soon can wear all types of clothing styles because their breasts are proportional to the rest of their body. Finally, clothes will fit perfectly!

If you would like to discuss breast augmentation and the latest in breast implants, contact our Columbus, Ohio office today for an informative consultation.

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You probably have so many questions about breast implants and breast augmentation surgery.  We have tried to answer some of them there, but if there are other questions that you think should be answered here, please contact our Columbus, Ohio office.


  1. Will pregnancy affect my breast implants

The First Step: A Breast Augmentation Consultation

woman's body and breastsMore and more women are choosing breast augmentation surgery with breast implants every year. You may still not be sure if this is the right step for you. That’s normal. At our office in Columbus, Ohio, our professionals understand that this is a very important decision for you. During your initial consultation, we will first help you to understand all of the facts about breast implants, details about breast augmentation surgery, and what you can expect should you decide to undergo a cosmetic procedure. Next, Dr. Shah and his staff will help you determine if breast augmentation surgery at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery is right for you.

Should you choose Dr. Shah as your surgeon, our staff will be with you through every step of your breast augmentation procedure. At our office, serving Columbus and all of Ohio, our staff will make sure all your needs are met. After your breast augmentation surgery, all you have to do is relax and heal.

Choosing a Surgeon for Breast Implants

An important step for those considering breast implants is finding the best surgeon to take care of their needs. In fact, this can be the most important step a patient takes. There is a lot of important information you must obtain about your physician BEFORE you go to your appointment. Here, you may view a list of frequently asked questions that are important to ask a surgeon.

Once you have found the right breast augmentation surgeon for you, the next step is to understand all of your options. There are many choices that you need to make before enhancing your figure with breast implants. It is important to understand each choice in order to find what is right for you.

If you would like to speak with Dr. Shah about his breast augmentation procedures and the different types of breast implants he provides, contact our Columbus, Ohio plastic surgeon today for a consultation.

Can I get better cleavage with breast implants or bring my breasts closer together?

Many of Dr. Shah’s patients at the Columbus Institute of Plastic wonder if they can have better cleavage or bring their breast closer together with breast augmentation or implants.  Cleavage for most women is created by a good push up bra.  After implants, that will still be the situation.  Unfortunately, there are many women with small breasts that are too far apart for even the best push up bra!  Fortunately, implants can significantly help the situation.  The most important part is how the surgeon performs the breast augmentation.  That is why it is important to have your breast augmentation surgery at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery in Ohio.  Dr. Bivik Shah takes great care and use his years of experience to give you the exact amount of cleavage you want.  During the consultation, Dr. Shah will discuss what type of cleavage you will have after your surgery.  It also depends on the size of the implants and how far apart the breasts are currently.  For example, if you have breasts that are far apart, you would need an implant that is wide, so that the implant will “be” your new cleavage.

Breast Augmentation Incisions

sunsetIn performing breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Shah can make the incision in a number of different ways. There are three common techniques: an incision can be made in the natural breast crease, around the areola (the dark circle surrounding the nipple), or through the armpit. The breast crease incision (also known as an inframammary fold incision) is most commonly used because it has the least amount of complications and heals wonderfully. For most women who undergo surgery to place breast implants, the crease incision is barely visible two years after surgery. Dr. Shah prefers this type of breast augmentation surgery because it allows him to more precisely place breast implants in the desired location for the best possible look.

The next most common incision used for breast augmentation is the areolar incision. Risks associated with this technique are minimal and primarily consist of an increased chance of losing feeling to the nipple and areola, and a higher chance of not being able to breast -feed. This type of incision is not frequently used at our office because of these risks.

Breast augmentation with breast implants can also be performed through an armpit incision. The benefit of this incision is that it is well away from the breast, so the remaining scar is well concealed. The drawback of this technique is that the incision is far away from the breast, and there is a greater chance that the implants will be a little farther apart from each other then you would like.

Some surgeons make the incision at the belly button. This procedure is still new and not fully tested. In the information they provide to the medical community , breast implant manufacturers place a warning against belly button incisions for this type of procedure which states that this procedure is still investigational and NOT recommended.

Choosing Breast Implants at Our Columbus, Ohio Surgical Center

After deciding which incision will give you the best results, the next decision you need to make before your breast augmentation procedure is what type of breast implants to use. Dr. Shah and his Columbus, Ohio staff take pride in helping their patients make the right decisions during their surgical preparation and will help you make the best decision among the four basic types of breast implants: round smooth, round textured, anatomic smooth, and anatomic textured. You may also choose between silicone gel (gummy-bear) implants and saline implants.

Types of Breast Implants

Round Vs. Anatomic Breast Implants

Saline breast implants come in two different shapes: round and anatomic (teardrop). There are several points to consider when choosing between round and anatomic breast implants. First, round breast implants are most commonly used for breast augmentation. Round implants are shaped as their name indicates – round at the base (the part that sits up against the chest). An anatomic breast implant is designed to look like a breast (less full at the top and fuller at the bottom). Though common sense might make one think that anatomical (teardrop) breast implants will provide better results, they pose a major concern. Anatomical breast implants can turn upside down, giving you the look of having an upside-down breast. However, when round breast implants are properly placed during breast augmentation surgery – as is always the case with experienced Columbus, Ohio surgeon Bivik Shah – they are more likely to look like natural breasts. This is because gravity pulls some of the saline in the round implant to the bottom, providing a natural look without requiring the use of problematic anatomic implants.

Smooth Vs. Textured Breast Implants

Most plastic surgeons today use smooth breast implants, and Columbus, Ohio plastic surgeon Bivik Shah is no different. It used to be believed that textured breast implants would cause less hardening and capsular contracture (squeezing of the implants by scar tissue) than smooth implants. However, this has been found to be false. A textured breast implant is more likely to show rippling than a smooth implant; that is, the gel of the implant might show through the skin. Textured breast implants also have a higher chance of leaking after breast augmentation surgery. The experience of Dr. Shah has been that smooth breast implants are the best choice for most women.

Choosing the Location of Your Breast Implants

You are almost ready for your breast augmentation procedure! There is just a little more information that you need to know! You still have to decide if your breast implants should be placed above or below the chest muscles. Placing breast implants under the chest muscle has four distinct advantages: this technique makes breast implants look much more natural; less hardening and rippling occur in the implants; and the technique is better for achieving good mammogram results than when breast implants are placed over the muscle. For these reasons and more, Dr. Shah believes putting breast implants under the muscles during breast augmentation surgery is the best choice. However, at our Columbus, Ohio office, we will carefully analyze your individual case to help you determine what technique is right for you. If you are a weightlifter, for example, placing breast implants under the muscle will decrease the strength of the pectoralis major muscle. In this case, putting breast implants over the muscle tissue may be a better choice.

Choosing the Size of Your Breast Implants

Choosing the size of your breast implants is a very personal decision, and there are a number of ways to go about choosing the right size. Breast implants do not come in cup sizes, but instead come in cc’s (cubic centimeters). You can get a general idea what bra size you would like to have after your surgery by going to any lingerie store to be measured for your current bra size. You can also measure yourself. Then you can try on different-sized bras to see how they look on you. If you would like to choose the size of your breast implants in the comfort of your home, you can use the rice method. Another way to figure out which size breast implants are right for you is to look at before and after pictures from breast augmentation surgeries. When you have a good idea of the look you want to achieve, you can convey this information to Dr. Shah.

Our staff will use their years of experience to give you direction and guidance during your decision-making process. If you see a photo that represents the breast size you would like to achieve, bring that picture in to your consultation so that Dr. Shah will be able to help you determine the implant size that might produce a similar result. It is important to remember that this result will not be exact. For example, if you like the way 400cc breast implants looks on one person, the same size implant will not necessarily give you the same look. This occurs because of variations in each breast that include: the amount of breast tissue, the shape of the chest wall, deformities of the chest wall, and weight, to identify only a few.  Basically, your existing breast tissue and anatomy dictate what size breast implants you need to achieve a certain look after breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Shah and the staff at his Columbus, Ohio surgery center have the experience that allows him to accurately judge the size implant that should be used to achieve the look his patients desire.

The most important thing to remember is that the size you choose is your decision. You should not base this decision on what your friends or family think you should do, but on your own beliefs about what you would like. You must always live with your body. Pick the procedure that is right for you! When it comes to breast augmentation, our Columbus, Ohio staff will always respect your needs and wishes.

Breast Augmentation – Operation Day

Once you have made all of the necessary decisions, you are ready to proceed with your breast augmentation surgery. On the day of your surgery to place breast implants, you should arrive at our Columbus, Ohio surgical suite about 60 to 90 minutes before the procedure is scheduled to be performed. You will then change your clothes and speak with your nurse, anesthesiologist, and surgeon. Shortly before you go to the operating room, your anesthesiologist will give you some medication to help you relax. Once in the operating room, there will be a surgical technician, a nurse or another surgical technician, an anesthesiologist, a surgeon’s assistant, and the surgeon – all waiting to greet you. Then you go to sleep. That’s it!

When you wake up, you will be wearing a sports bra that opens in the front. You will be sore and groggy, so you will spend about an hour in the recovery room while you fully wake up.

Breast Augmentation Recovery

Dr. Shah’s office will call you after you return home from your breast augmentation surgery to make sure everything is going well. During the first three days following your surgery, you can expect to have significant pain. However, it can be controlled with medication. Swelling will also occur. This can be controlled with medication as well.

A week after your breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Shah will check on the status of your breast implants during a follow-up appointment at our Columbus, Ohio office. By the second week, you should start feeling much more comfortable as the pain and swelling subside. Before you know it, you will be feeling much better and almost back to normal. You may even be able to return to work as soon as three days after the operation, depending on the kind of work you do.

Breast Augmentation Complications

Now that you know about the breast augmentation procedure, it is important that you also know about the possible complications of breast implants.

  • You might experience bleeding that requires returning to the operating room. This happens about 5 percent of the time.
  • Infections are always possible. As protection against them, you will be given antibiotics to take for several days after breast augmentation surgery. If you experience a severe infection (a very rare occurrence), you may have to return to the hospital and have the breast implants removed. As always, our Columbus, Ohio staff will take every precaution to minimize the risk of this occurring.
  • Most people heal with a barely noticeable scar, but everyone heals differently. Be aware that your scar may remain visible.
  • Sensation to the nipple may be lost. Dr. Shah prefers to use the breast crease incision for breast implants at their Ohio surgical suite in order to reduce the risk of this happening. Loss of sensation in the nipple occurs in only 5 percent of cases.
  • After surgery, breast implants may move, creating an unnatural looking breast. The only way to correct this is to return to surgery and place the implant in the correct position.
  • There is a risk that breast implants may rupture or leak. The risk is a cumulative 1 percent per year. Therefore, if you have the implant for 30 years, there is a 70 percent chance it will be fine and a 30 percent chance it will rupture. The manufacturers of breast implants offer a lifetime warranty on the implants and 5 to10 years’ of coverage for hospital and doctor fees. Also, you do not need to worry about falling, hitting the implants, or rough handling because these will not cause the implants to rupture.
  • Finally, there is the possibility of capsular contracture. Anytime something artificial is placed in the body, the body makes a little cocoon of fibrous tissue around it. Sometimes the tissue hardens and changes the shape of the implant. On the outside, the feeling of the implant will change and usually the breast will look different. This happens in 10 to 25 percent of cases. The only way to correct capsular contracture is to operate and remove the hardened tissue. Unfortunately, if you replace the breast implants, there is no guarantee that the contracture won’t occur again.

We hope this information has been helpful in answering your questions. If you have further questions about breast augmentation surgery or breast implants, contact our Columbus, Ohio office today.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Breast Implants

Do breast implants feel natural?

There are two types of breast implants; those made of saline (filled with salt water) and those made of silicone (filled with a cohesive silicone gel). The shell (the outer covering of the implant) is made of silicone and is the same for both types of implants. Both types of implants look very natural. However, most people agree that silicone implants feel more natural.

Will I have to have surgery every 10 years?

There are a number of websites on the Internet that claim women with breast implants need surgery every 10 years. This is not absolutely true. For patients who have breast implants, there are two reasons why surgery may become necessary. The first is if capsular contracture occurs (fibrous, scar-like tissue squeezes the implants) or if an implant leaks. The second reason a patient might want to have another surgery is because she wants to remedy a problem. Breast sag is the most common reason a patient would want another surgery. Larger breasts are more affected by gravity and, over a long period of time, a patient may wish to undergo another surgery in order to counteract the sagging effect that can take place. It is difficult to predict how much time will pass before sagging occurs – if it occurs at all – because skin type, nutritional habits, sun damage, smoking, breast implant size, and how much support the patient wears can all influence whether breast sag occurs. Undergoing surgery to correct an increase in breast sag is something many patients choose to do nothing about – because it simply does not bother them. Therefore, you do not absolutely have to have breast surgery every 10 years.

Are breast implants safe?

Saline breast implants are very safe. They are filled with salt water that is naturally absorbed by the body, so a leak poses no danger to the patient. There is currently no research which shows saline breast implants to be unsafe.

Silicone breast implants are also considered safe by the medical community. Most plastic surgeons agree that silicone breast implants do not cause any cancer or diseases. In fact, the FDA has recently approved silicone breast implants for general use. If you would like to learn more about the difference between saline and silicone breast implants for breast augmentation surgery, Columbus, Ohio plastic surgeon Bivik Shah would be happy to speak with you.

Can I break my breast implants?

Though anything is possible, it is very, very difficult to “break,” or rupture, a breast implant. Usually, only a major accident or injury with a very sharp object can cause an implant to rupture.

When can I return to work?

After breast augmentation at our Columbus, Ohio office, most people return to work within about three to five days. This is typical for someone who works a light duty job that requires no heavy lifting.

When can I pick up my baby or child?

After breast augmentation surgery, patients initially let the child sit on their lap or crawl on them. This allows patients to stand up with the child without using their pectoral muscles. After one to three weeks, patients can begin to pick up their children more and more.

Will I be able to breastfeed?

Breast implants may interfere with your ability to successfully breast-feed. If an incision is made around the areola, for instance, this may significantly reduce a patient’s ability to successfully breastfeed after surgery. In order to decrease the chance this will occur, Dr. Shah usually recommends the breast crease incision be used for breast implants at his Columbus, Ohio office. This technique carries less risk of affecting breastfeeding abilities.

What is the implant warranty?

With breast augmentation surgery, each of our patients is automatically enrolled in the Mentor Advantage Warranty. This warranty includes up to $1,200 of financial assistance over a 10 year period for operating room, anesthesia, and surgical related charges. If your surgeon believes it is necessary to improve the symmetry of your breasts, free opposite side implant replacements may be requested.

Will my breasts be really far apart like some pictures that I have seen?

No! Dr. Bivik Shah at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery takes great care in making sure his patients have the appropriate amount of space between their breasts. By doing so, he is able to give their patients just the look they desire.

Can I have other plastic surgery along with breast augmentation surgery?

Yes, you can definitely have other forms of cosmetic surgery with your breast augmentation surgery. Of course, Dr. Shah will make sure that you are medically ready for longer operations and that undergoing another procedure is safe for your body. Many people take advantage of having other cosmetic surgery such as liposuction or a tummy tuck along with their breast augmentation procedure. This makes each procedure less expensive and requires only one recovery period.

Do I need to massage my breasts after breast augmentation surgery?

We do not recommend that you massage your breast implants after your breast augmentation surgery. At our Columbus, Ohio office, our staff will educate you about the proper aftercare techniques and dispel the common myths of cosmetic surgery to ensure that you are well prepared for a successful recovery. Long ago, some doctors believed that it was important to massage your breast implants after surgery to help prevent capsular contracture. We now know that this is not necessary.

What do I need to do to take care of my breasts after breast augmentation surgery?

Before you undergo breast augmentation surgery with breast implants, Dr. Shah and the staff at his Columbus, Ohio surgical center will review in detail how to care for your surgical incisions as well as how to maintain your overall health. And, as always, if you have questions or concerns, you are free to speak with us anytime after surgery.

Can I have breast implants if someone in my family has had breast cancer?

If someone in your family has had breast cancer, then you will be at a higher risk for getting breast cancer. If such is your case, it is very important to discuss your family’s medical history with Dr. Bivik Shah. Usually, after being informed of the risks and benefits, you will be able to undergo breast augmentation surgery with breast implants at our Columbus, Ohio office.

Will I be able to exercise after breast augmentation surgery?

Definitely! After you heal, you will be able to exercise as much as you like. Usually, sufficient healing takes four to six weeks.

Do breast implants cause stretch marks?

It is possible to develop stretch marks after breast augmentation surgery. However, this is very rare, and the professionals in our Columbus, Ohio office will do everything in their power to prevent this from happening. Whether you develop stretch marks depends largely on the quality of your skin.

Who is not a candidate for breast augmentation surgery?

Anyone who is not medically healthy enough to tolerate surgery is not a candidate for breast augmentation.

Questions You Should Ask Your Surgeon

Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery?

This information is very important. A certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery means that your surgeon is a trained plastic surgeon (there are many non-plastic surgeons performing breast augmentation surgery). The American Board of Plastic Surgery is the only board that certifies plastic surgeons. There are many other boards, such as the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and others, which only certify non-plastic surgeons!

Dr. Bivik Shah became board certified in September, 2001, by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. If you would like to speak with him about breast augmentation surgery or have a specific question regarding breast implants, they will be happy to speak with you at our Columbus, Ohio office.

Are you a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons?

Dr. Bivik Shah is a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Bivik Shah became a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2002.

How many breast augmentation procedures do you perform each year?

Though this should not be the only criteria used when judging a surgeon’s capabilities, it is very important. Many plastic surgeons only perform a few breast augmentation procedures each year. Because of this, they lack the vital experience an expert surgeon needs to provide optimal results.

Dr. Shah performs more breast augmentation surgeries with breast implants than any other surgeon in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Do you have hospital privileges and, if so, with which hospitals?

This is important because a surgeon who does not have privileges at a hospital (that is, the right to use the hospital’s facilities) may not be adequately trained. A hospital will always thoroughly check the credentials of a surgeon. Sometimes, when a surgeon operates in their or her own facility, there is no guarantee that the surgeon is adequately trained.

If you have considered breast implants, you can rest assured that Dr. Shah has been credentialed by and have privileges at all of the major hospitals in Columbus, Ohio.

Do you have before and after photos available for viewing?

Dr. Shah has his before and after photos available to view online in the media center or you can click the photos on the right side of this page. Photos from before and after breast augmentation procedures will allow you to assess a surgeon’s work and determine what look you would like to achieve for yourself. However, there are two considerations that are important above all others: you must be comfortable with your surgeon and your surgeon must listen to your needs. Making sure that these occur will help to ensure that you get exactly the results you want!

Determining Bra Size and Cup Size

Many women who choose to have breast augmentation surgery with breast implants at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery in Ohio have difficulty determining their true bra size. It is important to remember that bra sizes are very different from one style and manufacturer to another. For example, Victoria’s Secret makes bras that are smaller than those of other manufacturers. If you are unsure what your bra size is and would like to determine how much enhancement you would like with breast implants, the best method is to go to a professional to have your bra size measured. Usually, an associate at a Victoria’s Secret store will do this for free.

If you would like, you may use the chart below to help you determine your bra size. Remember, this is only a guideline. Bra sizes can vary. To use the chart below, you will want to measure each breast. You can do this using a soft tape measure. Start where the breast begins near the armpit and measure all the way across the fullest part of the breast. The fullest part of the breast is usually the nipple, but not always.

You will also want to measure the circumference of your ribcage. Do this by measuring just below the breast in the area of the breast crease. Once you measure all the way around, you have determined your ribcage measurement.

If your ribcage measurement is an odd number, add 5″ to get your band width.  Example: 29″ ribcage + 5″ = 34″ band.

If your ribcage measurement is an even number, add 4″ to get your band width.  Example:  28″ ribcage + 4″ = 32″ band.

Rice Test for Determining the Size Breast Implants

There is a simple method to help determine what size breast implants might be best for you. For patients considering breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Shah and his Columbus, Ohio staff have found that the “rice test” is a highly effective way for patients to better understand what size implants they would like. This test can be performed in the comfort of your own home.

The rice test can be done in the following way:

  • Fill the legs of pantyhose with the desired amount of rice (or instant oatmeal, if rice is too heavy). Breast implants are measured in cc’s (cubic centimeters). In the next section, you will find a table to help you determine what rice measurements equal the different cc amounts for breast implants.
  • Once the legs of the pantyhose are filled with the desired amount of rice, you can try them on under a sports bra. The sports bra will compress the simulation implants much like the muscle will compress the real breast implants if the breast augmentation is performed under the muscle.
  • If your breast augmentation surgery is going to be performed under the muscle, you will need to add 15 percent to the cc amount you liked during the rice test for the cc amount of your actual breast implants. If you like the 400 cc amount during the rice test, you would want to have 460 cc breast implants placed during breast augmentation surgery at our Columbus, Ohio office.

CC Amount During Conversion – Rice Test

The conversions below will help you determine the amount of rice (in cups) that will equal the cc amount of equivalently sized breast implants.

  • 1 cup = 236cc
  • 1/2 cup = 118cc
  • 3/4 cup = 177cc
  • 1/4 cup = 59cc
  • 1/3 cup = 78cc
  • 2/3 cup = 156cc
  • 1/8 cup = 30cc

This technique is meant only as a rough guideline. The results of your breast augmentation surgery at our Columbus, Ohio office may vary slightly.

Will pregnancy affect my breast implants

There are two important parts to keep in mind when it comes to pregnancy and breast implants. The first is whether implants will allow you to have a normal pregnancy. The answer to this is simple: implants will not affect your pregnancy in any way, so you will be able to have a normal, healthy child.

The second question many of Dr. Shah’s patients at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery in Ohio have is, “What will the pregnancy do to my implants?” Many people think that pregnancy will totally ruin their implants if they get pregnant after getting breast enhancement. This is absolutely not true. In general, pregnancy does not do anything to the implants. In fact, they will stay the same shape, size, and position after the pregnancy that they were before the pregnancy. However, the shape of your breast may change significantly. That is, most women, when they get pregnant will have breast that are enlarged or engorged. After you deliver the baby, or finish breast feeding, your breasts will usually deflate or lose volume. This means that the skin was stretched out for 9 months plus the time for breast feeding, and then the fluid inside the breast goes away. When it does, you may have some breast sag, if your skin does not shrink down. This would be the same if you had breast implants for over a year and then decided to remove the implants-you may have some breast sag.

So, after pregnancy, you may have some breast sag, but the implants will be fine. That is why some people choose to have a breast lift by Dr. Bivik Shah in Ohio.

Contact Us for a Consultation

We hope the information we have provided here has been helpful. If you would like to discuss any aspect of breast augmentation or breast implants, Dr. Shah and their Columbus, Ohio staff would be happy to meet with you in a consultation to discuss your individual case.

Dr. Shah is a featured contributor on Breast Augmentation on RealSelf.

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