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    It’s difficult to choose the right breast implant size for you, for sure!  Dr. Bivik Shah tells his patients that it’s like picking out a really expensive dress to wear for the rest of your life, WITHOUT being able to try it on. Who wants to do that?? We know its not easy to choose the breast implant size that’s right for you!!  We get it!  Dr. Shah will listen to you as you explain what kind of look you want to achieve with your breast implants and new breasts!.  We will spend the time necessary to make sure we find the EXACT right size for you!  We have several ways to  help you choose the perfect breast implant size for you. We care.  Our state of the art breast implant imaging and our years of experience will be completely devoted to making sure that we find your perfect breast size. The Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery is the only place in Central Ohio that has the Vectra 3-D imaging system.  It is the most advanced breast implant imaging system. We also have the Mentor implant Sizing system! Other ways that Dr. Shah is helpful are:

    • Bring in pictures of women with the breast size you want
    • Use the rice method
    • Try on implants in our office

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