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Buttock Augmentation Columbus

Are you satisfied with the shape of your butt? If not, you may be a good candidate for a butt augmentation (butt lift) procedure at our office serving Columbus and Dayton, Ohio. These procedures have been steadily increasing in popularity. Today, many women are seeking the various forms of butt augmentation and butt lift surgeries to improve their figure. These procedures are becoming all the more important as celebrities like J-Lo and Beyoncé lead the latest trend in attractiveness – shapely, full buttocks.

Butt augmentation surgery allows our patients to finally fit into jeans exactly as they would like. At our office, plastic surgeon Bivik Shah will gladly discuss with you your goals for surgery and help you determine the best procedure or procedures to help you reach them.

If you have considered butt augmentation or butt lift surgery and would like to speak with our experienced staff serving Columbus and Dayton, Ohio, please contact Dr. Bivik Shah today.

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  • Fat Grafting for Butt Augmentation Surgery
  • Implants for Butt Augmentation Surgery
  • Butt Augmentation Recovery
  • FAQ's about Butt Augmentation and Butt Lift Surgery

Butt Augmentation / Butt Lift Surgery

There are two main methods of increasing butt size and shape with a butt augmentation procedure: fat grafting and implants. Dr. Bivik Shah is highly experienced in butt lift surgery, and his staff in Columbus, Ohio are dedicated to helping patients stay comfortable every step of the way. Each of these methods adds volume, providing patients with beautiful, shapely figures. A butt augmentation procedure with Dr. Shah is performed in the accredited outpatient surgical facility at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery. The procedure takes about three to four hours to perform.

Fat Grafting for Butt Augmentation ( Butt Lift) Surgery

For many of our patients, the butt augmentation ( butt lift) through fat grafting is an ideal procedure. Dr. Shah frequently use this technique at their Columbus, Ohio practice because of the safety involved in using patients’ own tissue. When a butt augmentation is performed in this way, there is little risk of rejection from the body. Dr. Shah uses liposuction on other areas of the body to obtain the fat for grafting. This has the added benefit of providing an even more shapely appearance by reducing fat in targeted areas. Both the liposuction and the injection of the fat is performed through tiny incisions the size of a pencil eraser for minimum scarring. By removing extra fat from where it is not wanted and putting it where it adds desired enhancement, Dr. Shah is able to safely and effectively provide patients with the shape they desire.

There are a few points to remember about fat grafting for butt lift procedures. It is likely that not all of the fat that is injected will remain in the treated area. However, the fat that remains after a few months will be permanent! The amount of injected fat that stays in place varies from patient to patient. For this reason, it may be necessary to undergo another butt augmentation procedure at our Columbus, Ohio office, serving Dayton, in order to achieve the fullness you desire.

Implants for Butt Augmentation Surgery

Implants are another method used for butt augmentation surgery. Implants are a much simpler method of butt augmentation that fat grafting, and the surgery is therefore less invasive. Like our breast lift, face lift, rhinoplasty, and other cosmetic surgeries, our butt lift procedures are performed at our accredited outpatient surgical facility serving Columbus and Dayton, Ohio. The surgery involves a small incision at the top of the buttock crease. This is the only incision needed for this form of butt augmentation, and the resulting scar is usually well hidden by most types of swimwear. The implants are then placed just above the muscle and below the muscle covering. This procedure is a sub-fascial butt lift. As always, our staff will be available to discuss any questions or concerns you may have before or after your surgery.

Butt Augmentation Recovery

A patient should allow for about a week before returning to a light duty job after butt augmentation surgery. During your recovery, our staff serving Columbus and Dayton will provide you with invaluable guidance and advice. You will likely only require prescription pain medication for about three to five days to minimize discomfort. Following this initial recovery period, Tylenol™ or Advil™ should be sufficient to alleviate any discomfort. After your butt augmentation surgery, it will take four to six weeks before you feel normal again. Yes, you will be able to sit down after the surgery! You will need to wear a special compression garment for about a month and a half after the surgery. This will help ensure the grafted fat or your implants remain in position as the treatment area heals. The compression garment will also help to keep swelling to a minimum.

Just like any other surgery, a butt lift, either with fat grafting or butt implants, carries the risk of possible complications. Common to all surgery is the possibility of infection or bleeding. If either becomes severe, there is a rare chance of the patient will have to return to the operating room. Some other risks can include implant malposition, dissatisfaction with implant size, and significant scarring.

If you would like to speak with Dr. Shah about butt augmentation ( butt lift) procedures and how he may be able to help you, contact our office serving Columbus and Dayton, Ohio today.

FAQ's about Butt Lift Surgery

  • Will I be able to sit immediately after my butt augmentation?
  • Will I need to wear a compression garment after my butt lift?
  • Can I break my butt implant?
  • Is a butt implant safe?
  • Can buttock implants burst or leak?
  • Will it be uncomfortable sitting on my implant for the rest of my life?

Will I be able to sit immediately after my butt augmentation?

Yes, you can carefully sit after your butt augmentation surgery. However, because it is important that the buttock implants stay in place after surgery, it is important to minimize the amount of time sitting. That is why for bathroom and other necessities, sitting is fine. For all other activities, it is better to avoid sitting for about one week.

Will I need to wear a compression garment after my butt augmentation?

Yes, to help keep the implants in place, you will need to wear a compression garment for about a month.

Can I break my butt implant?

No, the implant is made of a solid silicone which cannot break.

Is a butt implant safe?

Yes, butt implants are completely safe and approved by the FDA. They are made of a solid silicone elastomer, which is very different from the silicone gel implants used for breast procedures. Because they are solid, they cannot break or leak.

Can buttock implants burst or leak?

A buttock implant is very different from a breast implant. Breast implants are made from a silicone gel. This means that they are like jello on the inside. A buttock implant is a called a “solid Elastomer” which means that it cannot leak or burst. Even if it cracks, it is like a gummy bear so that it will be fine.

Will it be uncomfortable sitting on my implant for the rest of my life?

It sounds crazy, but you do not actually sit on your buttock implants. In fact, if you take your hands and place them under you when you are sitting, and then stand up, you will find that your hands are under your thights. That is why when we put implants in the buttocks, you will be very comfortable when you are sitting.

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If you are interested in speaking with Dr. Shah about his butt augmentation ( butt lift) procedures, contact our Ohio office serving Columbus and Dayton today.

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