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Facial Contouring

Conveniently located to serve Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland

Surgical means of facial rejuvenation can have amazing effects on both one's appearance and self-esteem. Some of the most popular of these procedures are blepharoplasty , face lift, and thread lift. Columbus, Ohio plastic surgeon Bivik Shah can personally consult with you to help you decide what the right procedure is for you.


As we age, the skin around our eyes stretches and excess fat causes bags to develop above and below the eyes. Blepharoplasty (cosmetic eyelid surgery) by Columbus doctor Bivik Shah eliminates the droopy, puffy skin around your eyes, dramatically reducing the signs of aging and improving vision impaired by sagging lids.

During the blepharoplasty procedure, an incision is made along the natural lines of your eyelids. Excess fat and muscle are trimmed away, and the incisions are closed with tiny sutures. If you have bags under your lower eyelids but do not need to have excess skin removed, Dr. Shah may perform a transconjunctival blepharoplasty. With transconjunctival blepharoplasty, the incision is made inside the lower lid, leaving no noticeable scar. Blepharoplasty can be done alone or in combination with other procedures, such as a face lift or forehead lift.

Usually taking one to three hours, a blepharoplasty at our Columbus office can be performed under either local or general anesthesia. After blepharoplasty, you may experience side effects such as bruising, swelling, dry eyes, and sensitivity to light, but they will subside within 10 days.

The improvement of both your appearance and your self-confidence are possible with blepharoplasty. Our Columbus staff is ready to answer all your questions. To find out more about blepharoplasty, contact the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery today.


As people age, the effects of their everyday lives start to show on their face. Sun exposure, stress, and gravity can result in deep creases and wrinkles around the nose and mouth and jowls and fat deposits around the neck. A face lift by Ohio surgeon Dr. Shah can’t stop the natural aging process, but it can eliminate and improve the visible signs of aging by removing excess fat and tightening sagging muscles.

Face lift begins with incisions made along the hairline at the temples that extend down in front of the ear and continue behind the earlobe to the lower scalp. If excess skin needs to be removed from the neck, a small incision may be made under the chin. Excess skin is separated and removed, and the remaining skin and muscles are tightened and smoothened. Stitches are used to secure the new shape and to close the incision. After the face lift procedure is complete, your head may be wrapped in bandages to minimize bruising and swelling.

A face lift can be done alone or in conjunction with other procedures such as a forehead lift or rhinoplasty. The face lift procedure can take up to three hours, depending on the condition of your skin and your desired results. Bruising, swelling, and tightness may be some side effects of face lift, but our Ohio patients generally report little discomfort after their procedure is complete.

A face lift can return your skin to its youthful firmness and smoothness, making you look years, even decades, younger! For more about face lift from our Ohio practice, contact the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery today!


Thread lift at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery is an amazing new option for people who are seeking facial rejuvenation. Less extreme than a complete face lift, thread lift is optimal for our patients in Columbus and the rest of Ohio who:

  • Do not feel ready for major surgery
  • Do not need a full face lift
  • Have had a face lift in the past, but skin has begun sagging again

Before beginning the thread lift, Columbus doctor Bivik Shah will administer local anesthesia; because general anesthesia is not needed to undergo a thread lift, this procedure is a very safe way of rejuvenating your face. Once this is accomplished, Dr. Shah will insert threads under the surface of the skin by way of a small needle; the threads have protrusions along their length that are designed to hold on to the surrounding tissue and bring it into a tighter position.

Once the threads are in place, tape will be placed over the sites of needle insertion. It is important to not rub the threaded areas for a few weeks; also, you will need to sleep on your back for about a week. You may experience bruising and swelling for 7 to 10 days after the procedure; however, these effects are far less severe than you would expect from a face lift. One of the best things about undergoing thread lift at our Columbus facility is that unlike other types of facial rejuvenation, thread lift leaves no scars behind!


Drooping brows and wrinkles on the forehead can make you appear upset, angry, tired, or older than you really are. A forehead lift by Dr. Bivik Shah tightens and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and eliminates drooping skin, restoring a refreshed, youthful appearance to your face.

During forehead lift, muscles and tissues are removed to smooth the forehead, raise the eyebrows, and reduce frown lines. There are two different forms of forehead lift. The more conventional form of forehead lift is performed through an incision below the hairline. The skin is lifted, underlying tissue is removed, and excess skin is trimmed away to smooth wrinkles and lift the eyebrows. During endoscopic forehead lift, an endoscope (a tiny camera connected to a television monitor) is inserted below the skin to lift and tighten underlying muscle and tissue. This form of forehead lift is performed through three, four, or five incisions, each less than an inch in length. When the procedure is complete, the incisions are stitched closed and the brow is left to heal in the new position.

Forehead lift by Dr. Shah can be performed under local anesthesia and is often combined with other facial cosmetic procedures. Common side effects of forehead lift include bruising, swelling, and temporary numbness, but most patients report little discomfort.

If people are always telling you how tired or angry you look when in reality you feel fine, you may be an excellent candidate for face lift, thread lift, or blepharoplasty. Columbus, Ohio residents, and those from surrounding areas are urged to contact the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery today. You can take years off your appearance and make people stop and take notice of how young and refreshed you look!


Everyone sees these lines as we age. Now there are some great options that can make these lines much better. We offer the newest options available at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery in Ohio. These include Restylane®, Juvèderm™, fat grafting, and the wire scalpel. All of these are simple procedures performed in the office with only a day or two of recovery! Call or email us now for more information about facial rejuvenation, Restylane®, Juvèderm™.

Fillers such as Restylane® or Juvèderm™ usually last for about 6 to 9 months. Fat grafting can last longer but usually 2 – 3 procedures are needed before the results are more lasting.

Dr. Shah at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery in Ohio is one of the few doctors offering a new treatment called a “wire scalpel”. This is a tiny wire that is put to release the tethers of the fold between the corner of the mouth to the nose (nasolabial fold) so that the fold looks smooth and natural. This can last several years! The procedure is performed under local anesthesia (click here to learn about all of your anesthesia options). Call or email us now to learn more about this options.

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