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Rhinoplasty Natural Appearance

Conveniently located to serve Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland

Rhinoplasty, or nose-reshaping surgery, can improve the look of the entire face, as it’s the central feature. It is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures, and top Columbus surgeon Dr. Shah at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery has performed hundreds over his career.


We all want the best plastic surgery results and the top rhinoplasty surgeon!  Most of our patients want a natural result that makes their nose fit their face.  That is why we will listen to what your goals and wishes are for how you want your nose to look!

Yes, you will have a very natural result.  In fact most people would never know you had a nose surgery or rhinoplasty (unless you tell them).  Usually people will just make comments like – ” you look great, did you change your hair?” To get natural results, it is important to NOT make the nose completely different.  At the Columbus Institute of Plastic surgery, we:

  • Analyze your nose and face
  • Use computer imaging to shape the perfect nose for your face
  • Listen to what you would like improved and ONLY work on that

Some rhinoplasty surgeons will try to talk to you about changing your whole nose, when all you want to do is to change a bump on your nose, or narrow your tip, or just make a minor change that has been bothering you. The plastic surgeons want you to have the exact nose YOU want.