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Because most plastic surgery procedures are not covered by health insurance, many of our patients use financing to cover the costs. If you are concerned about the costs involved with any particular surgery, we can guide you through the many payment options available. Below are the financing companies that we work with to make our services affordable to all of our patients. Most of them do not require significant down payments.

Payment Options

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If you would like to learn more about any particular financing option, please contact our office, where our patient coordinators will guide you through the process, or click here.



Do you offer in-house financing?

While we don’t offer in-house financing services, we work closely with the companies listed above to ensure that all of our patients are able to cover the cost of surgery. Our staff is happy to help you determine which financing option works the best for you.

When can I apply for a loan?

You can apply anytime! Most financing companies have loans that are valid for 90 days, so you can use the money anytime during that period.

Do I have to finance the entire amount?

You do not have to finance the entire amount of your procedure. You can start by paying as much as you would like and then financing the remaining amount.

Is your office paid directly, or will I receive the check?

The Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery receives the check directly from the financing company.

Will I make payments to the financing company or to the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery?

You will make all payments directly to the financing company.

I have to have a consultation with my surgeon to find out if I qualify for financing?

No. With most companies, you can be pre-approved for a dollar amount at any time, meaning it can be done even before you walk through our door. The loan will not be processed, however, until you have visited our office and decided on your surgery and its date.