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Patient #25934 Details

Procedure:Gluteal (Butt) Augmentation with Fat Grafting (Brazilian Butt Lift)


Implant Size:{n/a}

Post-Op Photos Taken:1 month

Fat Collected:5.03 lbs

This woman came to Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery after having done much research on Brazilian Buttock Augmentation (Fat Grafting to the Buttocks). She had been searching for the right surgeon to do this procedure for quite some time and she finally came across Dr. Bivik Shah, board-certified plastic surgeon. He spoke with her about how to get her the fullest bottom she possible could (which is exactly what she wanted)! He performed liposuction to her upper and lower abdomen as well as her left and right flanks (love handles). He removed 7lbs of just fat with the liposuction. The next part of the procedure is then to inject that fat into her buttocks. The right side had a total of 2.7lbs of fat injected, and the left had 3lbs. This woman’s after photo was taken 1 month after the procedure.

5.03 pounds