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Tumescent Liposuction

Conveniently located to serve Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleveland

You’ve been exercising for so long and you still have those certain areas of fat that won’t disappear. There has to be an easier way! Liposuction at the Columbus, Ohio office of Dr. Bivik Shah might just be the answer for the right candidate. And, it's easy – or at least it's easier than working out for all those years! So, what is liposuction all about? How safe is it? How bad is the pain? How long will it take? We will attempt to answer some of the more general questions here. Specific questions and diagnoses should be obtained only from a personal consultation with Dr. Shah.


Tumescent liposuction refers to liposuction in which tumescent fluid—a solution that consists of numbing medication, epinephrine, and bicarbonate—is used. Its purpose is to numb the areas from which the fat is removed while reducing bleeding and bruising.

This technique has been around for decades, and only the best plastic surgeons, including Dr. Bivik Shah, uses tumescent fluid in all of their liposuction procedures. While most of these operations require other forms of anesthesia, such as general anesthesia or IV sedation (twilight anesthesia), some do not. If you are looking to get liposuction to a small area of the body, you can opt to use tumescent fluid as your only form of anesthesia. It is administered through a tiny incision—about the size of the tip of a pencil—in the area that the fat is to be removed. The fluid takes about 20 minutes to kick in, and then the liposuction starts. During these procedures, the patient remains awake from start to finish.