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Patient #4742 Details

Procedure:Lip Augmentation (Fillers and Implants)


Implant Size:{n/a}

Post-Op Photos Taken:1 week

This woman came to the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery to enhance the appearance of her lips. She had been interested in having fuller lips for quite some time and wanted further information on what her options were. She met with the board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Bivik Shah and he made her aware of a product we carry called Juvederm. Juvederm is a Hyluronic Acid, used specifically to fill the area that it is injected into. For this patient, her lips were “filled” giving them a more plump appearance. The product lasts anywhere from 6-9months. Sometimes even up to a year if the product is injected regularly, which since this patient had an enjoyable experience and fantastic results, she has had the product injected multiple times! The after photo here (without the red lipstick) was taken immediately after the procedure. The after photo with the red lipstick was taken a week after the injections. In the beginning there is mild bruising and slight swelling throughout 3-5 days that can be easily covered with make-up, as you can see!