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We Offer State-of-the-Art BBL Hair Removal

Men and women often find it tedious to remove hair from their body on a regular basis. BBL (BroadBand Light) hair removal may be the permanent solution for this problem – it is quick, safe, and comfortable. The best thing about BBL is that it can even be used on the face – it’s just that safe.

During BBL treatment, targeted hair follicles are subjected to acute bursts of light energy in a thoroughly controlled environment. BBL is different from laser hair removal in the sense that it employs intermittent pulses of light energy at varied wavelengths instead of sticking to a single one.

How Does It Work?

When pulses of light energy strike the area targeted for hair removal, a conversion process commences. Light energy is transferred to heat energy, enabling easy detachment of hair and also permanently eliminating those cells responsible for renewed hair growth. Once the follicles are obliterated, there will be no further growth of hair in the particular region.

A cooling system functions parallel to the heat conversion in order to reduce the chance of pain or discomfort. Participants will use proper eyewear to safeguard themselves from the intense brightness.

BBL hair removal is best suited for moderately fair skin types. Up to eight sessions are recommended to ensure complete removal of hair in a specific target area, as there could be follicles in the growth phase that may have been left untouched.

Things to Keep a Note of, Especially Post-Treatment

While BBL hair removal is an extremely safe procedure and substantially less painful in comparison with laser treatment, patches of red or crimson can be noticed at the treated area, along with slight bulging, but these issues fade away in the span of a few hours.

Always abide by the doctor’s instructions and alert them of any unfavorable developments. Remember to maintain a healthy skincare regimen. Apply sunscreen (with a minimum SPF of 50+) while outdoors and cleanse your skin regularly.

The Question of Permanent Hair Removal

Most patients intend to reduce the amount of hair in specific regions of the body, either temporarily or permanently. The patient’s bodily response to the treatment determines the effects. The treatment does not come with a guarantee of permanent suppression of hair growth.

Does It Take Long for the Treatment Area to Heal?

Usually, the redness/swollenness remains for up to 48 hours. Patients are given the option of targeting a small area before the procedure in order to determine the recovery time of their skin (along with ascertaining the level of pain/irritation caused).

Owing to the constant evolution of BBL devices, the treatment has now become a very easy process to implement. The emergence of side-effects is rare.

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