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When a Medium Chemical Peel Is the Ideal Choice

Age can wreak havoc on your skin. While using dermal fillers is one way to fight the signs of aging, people also have the option of choosing a chemical peel.

Chemical peels use skin-friendly chemicals to peel away the layer of dead dermal cells on the face and stimulate the growth of fresher and younger-looking skin. Once they undergo a chemical peel, patients notice more supple skin with a healthier glow.

Choosing the Right Type of Peel

There are three main types of chemical peels that patients can choose from:

  • Light Peel: The light peel targets only the surface layer of the skin and offers subtle improvements to the face. Here, only the surface layer of the skin is treated. The appearance of the skin is improved by removing acne scars and sun damage.
  • Medium Peel: Medium peels treat deeper layers of the skin and can be used to target wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, and age spots. This is the perfect treatment to stimulate the production of new skin that is healthy and beautiful.
  • Deep Peel: Deep peels are extremely aggressive peels that are used when the skin has severely aged or has experienced extreme sun damage. This peel treats the deepest layer of the skin and encourages the sloughing and regrowth of the skin.

While the light peel is excellent for subtle makeovers and the deep peel is an excellent semi-permanent solution to aging, they both have their own pitfalls. Light peels only offer temporary benefits; signs of aging start to show within a few weeks. Deep peels are extremely extensive and aggressive and take weeks to heal. The post-treatment care is also very high, making it a painful and time-consuming affair.

This makes the medium peel the perfect choice in chemical peels. The medium peel offers thorough skin rejuvenation but isn’t as aggressive and time-consuming to recover from.

The TCA Peel

The medium chemical peel is also called the TCA peel. The TCA peel is the solution to wrinkles, scars, superficial blemishes, uneven skin tone, pigmentation issues, and undereye circles.

During the procedure, a specially made chemical – trichloroacetic acid – is used to treat the skin. The doctor does a patch test to identify the type of chemical that is safe for your skin. The TCA peel is then customized by adding only specific quantities of the trichloroacetic acid to the solution that’s been personalized for you.

Your face is cleaned with water or a wet cloth, and then a coat of the trichloroacetic acid solution is applied. This peel is left to soak into your skin for 15 minutes. The peel is then washed off with an iced saline solution that’s applied using a cotton gauze. A layer of soothing ointment is also applied to help reduce any discomfort or bruising.

After treatment, redness and crusting will increase for a day or two until a thin crust of skin forms on your face. This skin will dry and fall off within a week, leaving behind flawless and youthful skin.

Benefits of the Medium Chemical Peel

  • Reduced wrinkles and spots
  • Improved skin texture
  • Reduction in acne
  • Removal of pre-cancerous lesions
  • Reduction of scarring

Arranging Your Consultation

To find out more about chemical peels and decide on the right option for you, speak with board-certified plastic surgeon Doctor Bivik Shah. Schedule a consultation – contact us today.