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Your safety during and after plastic surgery is very important to us at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery. Any time you have surgery and especially anesthesia, it is extremely important that you are medically healthy enough for surgery.


One of them most important steps we take to ensure your safety is to have an expert evaluate your health. We do this by having an internist perform a thorough history and physical. This is an extremely important part of making sure that we keep you as safe as possible!

This is important because when you come to a plastic surgeon, we understand that we are taking care of the whole body. At the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery, we know that we are experts in performing surgery in the safest method with the best plastic surgery technique. We also know that we are not experts in checking your heart, lungs, and kidneys.

That is why we have an internist on staff! Together we provide a holistic approach to your plastic surgery care.

This is extremely important part of the pre-surgery check. In fact, that was the problem Kanye West’ mom had. She didn’t have a plastic surgeon that prioritized having a specialist perform a history and physical. As a result of that, the state of California passed a law that requires all patients having surgery must have a history and physical.

At the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery, we don’t need a law to keep you safe. We have required and provided a history and physical by a specialist from the very first day. This is very different from many plastic surgeons offices. Many other plastics surgery offices perform the history and physical themselves or have their nurse do it. We feel that our way is the safest way.