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    Exercise Alternatives

    Published on January 16, 2013


    Exercise Alternatives
    Plastic surgery can provide a person with very effective and rewarding procedures. Although normal recovery from invasive plastic surgery usually only takes a few weeks, some people may worry that the recovery period will get in the way of their normal daily routine. For many of these people, exercise may be included in these routines. Even though patients should not expect to be participating in any strenuous activity immediately following surgery, there are
    alternative activities they can do to help keep them in shape while they recover from their surgical procedure.
    Alternatives for Cardio
    Cardiovascular activity is one of the most important forms of exercise because it directly strengthens the heart. When you perform cardiovascular workouts, such as running, jogging, or swimming, you are making it easier for your heart to work, which can improve your quality of life and lengthen your life expectancy.
    Many individuals will not be able to run or will be advised by their surgeon to avoid running for a period of time after their procedure. In addition to walking, other exercise options include rowing and stationary cycling, which require less movement than running outside or on a treadmill and can provide the same cardiovascular benefits. Your surgeon will advise you of the type(s) of cardiovascular exercise you may perform while you are recovering from your surgical
    Alternatives for Strength Training
    Strength training does more than just make you feel and look great. It helps maintain your weight, prevent injury, and increase your ability to perform daily routines.
    The area(s) that you had surgery on will most likely be sore for a few weeks and need time to heal after your procedure. However, this does not mean that strength training needs to be avoided altogether. You may continue to perform strength training exercises as long as you exercise only the muscles that were unaffected by your procedure. For example, if you received a breast augmentation, you should make sure that your strength training exercises do not involve the chest muscles for a few weeks. Or, if you had a thigh lift performed, then you should avoid performing lower body exercises for an extended period of time. Your surgeon will advise you when you will be able to return to performing all strength training exercises.
    Alternatives for Stretching
    Stretching should also be avoided directly after a surgical procedure because it will interfere with the healing process. However, massaging the targeted area or wearing a compression garment after plastic surgery can lessen recovery time and help give you the most beneficial
    We encourage you to contact Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery with any questions that you may have about plastic surgery. To schedule a consultation with our board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Shah, please call (614) 322-2500 today.
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