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Gentle Dermaplaning Exfoliates Dead Skin Cells

Over time, skin cells accrue damage. This is the result of numerous environmental factors like wind and sunlight, and it also just a natural part of the aging process. Skin-cell turnover is the process of old and damaged skin cells falling away, uncovering fresh skin cells.

Exfoliation is a way to hasten this process. Exfoliation is the removal of damaged skin cells using various types of skin treatments. Apart from dead skin cells, exfoliation also removes keratinized cells present on the skin surface. The result is smooth-looking skin with a natural glow.


Dermaplaning is an exfoliation process that removes dead and damaged skin cells and peach fuzz from the face. Peach fuzz, although normally barely visible, can be prominent when women wear makeup. Removing peach fuzz handily corrects this issue.

The process of dermaplaning is completely pain-free and requires no downtime afterwards. Men and women can come in for this procedure and head straight back to work right after.

A Quick and Effective Option

Before the start of the dermaplaning procedure, the medical aesthetician wipes the patient’s face clean, removing any dirt. The face is then cleansed and dried. Next, using a #10 sterile surgical blade, the medical aesthetician gently and painlessly runs the blade over the face to remove the dead skin and peach fuzz.

The time required for this process, on average, is only about 30 minutes, making the treatment quite convenient. Risk of complications is very low, since the process is completely non-invasive. Experts recommend that the procedure be repeated every four to six weeks to keep the skin looking beautiful and smooth.

Some women may be apprehensive about coming in for a dermaplaning appointment out of fear that facial hair will grow back thicker. Such concerns are baseless, because the blade used cuts the hair from the surface instead of at the root; hair grows back at the normal rate with blunt ends.

Smooth and Silky Skin

Unlike harsh chemical exfoliants, dermaplaning is a gentle treatment that doesn’t involve any acid-based formulations. As a result, there is no redness or other side-effects associated with chemical peels. Since the procedure doesn’t involve any chemicals, there is no possibility of an allergic reaction.

Compared to microdermabrasion, dermaplaning is more precise, and there is no other treatment on the market that removes peach fuzz along with dead skin. Additionally, apart from exfoliating the skin, dermaplaning removes blackheads and blocked pores. Healthy cells are exposed, improving your natural skin tone.

Dermaplaning Aftercare

Because new healthy skin will be exposed, it is important to keep your face hydrated after your dermaplaning treatment. For a time, it will be imperative that you apply a protective layer of sunscreen before stepping out, because new skin cells are quite sensitive to the harmful rays of the sun.

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