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The Best Butt Augmentation Procedure for You

Summer is upon us and with it comes swimsuits, tank tops, and shorts. If your butt has been looking flat, small or droopy, now might be a good time to find out more about butt augmentation.

Butt augmentation surgery can be done in either of two basic ways; one is with specifically designed implants, the other with using your body’s own fat.

You will need to discuss with your surgeon which of these is right for you. But here we will go over the differences between them and who is most likely to benefit from each.

Butt Augmentation with Fat Transfer

The buttocks augmentation procedure that uses fat transfer is more commonly known as the Brazilian Butt Lift. During this procedure your surgeon will take fat from ‘donor’ areas of your body, process the fat and use it to augment and lift your butt.

Obviously, to be a candidate for this augmentation procedure, you need to have some areas of excess fat.

Once you are prepped, the anesthesia has taken effect and the procedure has begun, the surgeon will liposuction fat from specifically targeted areas; these can include the thighs, abdomen, waistline (love handles), and upper back.

The fat is then processed and only a fraction will be finally taken for reinjection into the buttocks area in precise locations. It is the technique, experience, and skill of the particular surgeon that will turn that fat into beautiful contours and a shapely, perky butt.

Your new buttocks will look and feel completely natural since it’s been augmented with your own fat. The areas from which the fat has been removed will be slimmer and curvier as well.

With fat transfer augmentation, the size and projection of the buttocks may decrease over time. Since your new butt has been augmented with living cells, if you gain or lose weight, the transferred fat can grow or shrink in the same way as fat anywhere else in your body.

Buttocks Augmentation With Implants

The surgeon and his team will take you through the same pre-op procedures, including proper anesthesia, as would be done for the Brazilian Butt Lift; then the procedure changes.

Instead of using liposuction to remove fat for processing and reinjection, the surgeon will make a small incision in the appropriate place in the buttock area. He then places a specifically designed silicone implant in the butt, near the gluteal muscle. After the implant is correctly placed in the buttocks, the surgeon will close the incision with layered sutures, skin adhesive, and surgical tape. The same procedure is done on the other side of the butt.

The results from this butt augmentation procedure are permanent and are immediately visible.

Dr. Shah, here at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery, will be happy to consult with you about which of these two procedures is the best butt augmentation for you. He will help guide you in your decision and show you before and after pictures to help give you an idea of the final result. Either procedure you choose will give you a shapelier, perkier butt for the upcoming summer and beyond.