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    Breast Implant Simulation Columbus


    If you are interested in receiving a breast augmentation, but are unsure which size implants you would like, come see us for a consultation and ask about Vectra. Vectra is an imaging system that allows patients to see what they would look like following an augmentation, along with other procedures including rhinoplasty, fat grafting, and liposuction.

    How does it work?

    It captures a 3-dimensional photograph of the patient and produces images of what any given implant would look like on a patient’s body. It also allows the patient to view the differences between silicone implants and saline implants.

    Vectra XT Breast Capture
    Breast Sculptor Animation


    Who’s a good candidate?

    Vectra works best on patients that don’t have a lot of breast tissue to begin with. If a patient has breasts large enough to form a crease under them, they are not ideal candidates for the Vectra system.

    Does it cost extra?

    Not at all; it’s complimentary with your consultation.

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