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    Neck Lift Columbus

    Get rid of your “turkey neck” with a minimally-invasive necklift!

    Neck contour correction with minimally invasive necklifts.

    Why chose the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery for your Neck Lift?

    At the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Shah specializes in the latest and most advanced minimally-invasive techniques for facial and neck rejuvenation. Experienced and well-versed in all the applicable techniques, he can use all the tools necessary to deliver the excellent Neck Lift outcome that you desire. The combination of our caring doctors, expertly delivered care, top notch facilities, and a well trained staff is sure to exceed your expectations.

    Do I need a Neck Lift?

    How do you know if you are a good candidate for a Neck Lift? Generally speaking, patients whose self image and appearance is affected by hanging tissues under the chin are potentially candidates for a Neck Lift. It is not necessarily age dependent. Young patients that have tight skin and muscles with a bit of extra fat can benefit from Liposuction or non-surgical treatments like Kybella. If genetically determined neck structure causes premature neck contour irregularities, then a Neck Lift may be a good solution for a younger patient. As we age, our neck skin can loosen, fat can accumulate, and the Platysma neck muscle can loosen causing banding or lines under the chin. This is what causes the characteristic “Turkey Neck” that so many patients hate. A Neck Lift is the most effective treatment for this problem because it addresses each of these problems by removing the excess fat, tightening the muscle and tightening the skin to restore a youthful contour to the neck.

    Are there any non-surgical alternatives to a Neck Lift?

    There are a number of non-surgical, energy based treatments being advertised as alternatives to a Neck Lift. These treatments all use some type of energy such as ultrasound, radio-frequency, infra-red light, or laser to stimulate tightening of collagen fibers in the skin and below the skin. They have been shown in studies to tighten the skin, but nowhere near as good as a Neck Lift. The other problem with many of these treatments is that they do not address the looseness of the muscle. This can lead to an unfavorable result even though the skin was tightened. Additionally if the fat in the neck is indiscriminately heated as is being done with some radio-frequency devices while trying to tighten the neck, it can lead to atrophy of the fat and unmasking of neck bands. This can be a permanent problem that surgery can no longer correct. In sum, most of these treatments are generally safe, somewhat expensive, but not super effective.

    Where are the incisions placed for a Neck Lift?

    The number and location of incisions for a Neck Lift depends on the extent of muscle tightening needed and the amount of skin laxity. Typically, there is an incision behind the ears in the groove. In some cases this incision is extended in front of the ear to the level of the earlobe. There can be a short incision in the skin crease under the chin either for liposuction of the neck or to tighten the Platysma neck muscle of there is a significant amount of skin laxity. These incisions usually heal quite nicely and are not visible in social situations.

    Does a Neck Lift include liposuction?

    Typically, patients who are interested in a necklift also have a bit of extra fat under the chin. If this is the case, then a necklift would include a bit of liposuction to correct this fat excess. Liposuction can also be used to improve the appearance of your jowls at the time of a Neck Lift without a Face Lift if the jowling is not too severe. If there is little to no fat in the neck, it is not necessary to do liposuction during your Neck Lift procedure. /p>

    Do you tighten the neck muscles with Neck Lift?

    Neck muscle tightening is the foundation of a good, long-lasting Neck Lift. The muscle that is usually tightened is called the Platysma. It is a flat, fan shaped muscle that covers the deeper muscles and structures of the neck. This muscle is also responsible for the neck bands or lines under the chin that come with aging. Some combination of tightening of the Platysma muscle is a standard part of the Neck Lift procedure. The muscle is usually tightened under the chin and behind the ears or just behind the ears. If you have visible, strong bands or lines under the chin, then the muscle is tightened both under the chin and behind the ears. This is the case because bands are a sign of more significant laxity. If your bands are minimal, then the neck muscle can be tightened behind the ears only.

    How long is recovery after a Neck Lift?

    The recovery after a necklift is quite short. Facelift recovery usually includes bruising and swelling that will subside in 2-3 weeks. You will go home wearing an ace wrap that will stay on for a week. You can carefully wash the face and around the incisions starting the 2nd day post op with a gentle cleanser. The incisions will have sutures that typically come out after 1 week. Once the swelling goes down and the incisions heal you will be left with hidden scars behind the ears and a firmer, tighter appearance. Within 1-1.5 weeks your swelling and bruising has improved enough that with makeup you will be able to go out. In two weeks you will feel pretty good and in three weeks you can go to any social function without feeling self-conscious. Bruising can vary from person to person, but it is usually very minimal after a Neck Lift.

    How long does a Neck Lift last?

    Neck Lifts that include tightening of the muscles of the neck can be very long lasting procedures. On average the results last about 5-15 years. While you may get some slight relapse of skin laxity, the overall neck contour correction is quite long lasting. Factors that help to prolong your Neck Lift results include medical grade skin care, sun avoidance, tobacco avoidance, stable weight, and avoidance of stress.

    For additional information about a Neck Lift, contact us at office@instituteplasticsurgery.com

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