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    Gaining Weight For Brazilian Butt Lift Columbus

    What no one tells you about gaining weight in order to have a Brazilian Butt Lift!

    Pros and cons of gaining weight before a Brazilian Butt Lift revealed.

    Why chose the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery for your Brazilian Butt Lift?

    At the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Shah specializes in all forms of cosmetic body contouring procedures including non-surgical treatments, liposuction, tummy tucks, surgery after weight loss and the popular Brazilian Butt Lift.  With specialized knowledge regarding the latest advances in fat transfer research and the cultural influences on buttock aesthetics, you can rest assured that your goals will be met. Come let us show you what a difference experience and specialization can have on the very best Brazilian Butt Lift results.

    Am I too skinny for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

    As you are aware, A Brazilian Butt Lift combines liposuction of fat away from areas where you don't want it and transfer to your buttocks to improve the shape and size.  Some patients unfortunately don't have enough fat and may be concerned that they will not get a good result or that the fat transfer will not be enough.  These concerns are reasonable but not completely well founded.  If your goal is to improve the shape and projection of your buttocks, then most thin patients with a little bit of extra fat around the midsection are reasonably good candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift.  About 50% of the results from a Brazilian Butt Lift comes from the liposuction part of the procedure.  The buttocks is framed by the surrounding areas of the thighs and back from a back view and the back and tummy from a side view.  Removal of excess fat from these areas by itself will improve the appearance of the buttocks.  The fat that is removed can then be injected into areas that will enhance the shape such as the hip area, lower buttock or upper buttock depending on you buttock shape.  For additional information about buttock shapes visit our BBL candidate page.

    What if I gain a few pounds before surgery so that I can have a Brazilian Butt Lift?

    Many patients who are considering a Brazilian Butt Lift either think that they do not have enough fat or are concerned about having enough fat for the results that they want.  While the amount of fat you have is a contributing factor to whether you are an ideal candidate for a BBL or not, it is not the only or most important factor.  Overall buttock shape and projection is probably the most predictive factor for a good BBL result, not the amount of fat you have.  Some patient are told that because they are thin, that if they gain a few pounds that they can have a BBL!  At the surface, that seems reasonable but should be looked at more closely.  The goal of a BBL is to enhance the figure, not worsen it.  Gaining weight will worsen the figure and can often be unpredictable.  In addition to gaining weight under the skin, you will also gain weight around the organs or intra-abdominally.  This intra-abdominal fat will not be accessible to liposuction and will detract from the appearance of your waist line.  This negative change in your waist would persist after the BBL.  Further, the amount of fat that a thin person can gain in a few weeks or months is fairly small and unlikely to have a meaningful impact on the final outcome of your BBL. On average, you need a minimum of one liter of fat to have a meaningful change which requires about two liters or one large coke bottle full of aspirate from liposuction.   This amount of weight gain is very difficult for thin patients.  Others feel that if they gain a few more pounds that they can have even more projection!  The amount of projection you get is determined by the amount of fat, the amount of projection you started with and the tension of the skin.  If your skin envelope is tight, it will limit the projection you obtain, no matter how much fat is injected…there is an upper limit.  If you inject fat with a tight skin envelope, you encourage resorption of the fat.

    Can someone else donate their fat for my Brazilian Butt Lift?

    Donation of fat like any other tissue is considered a tissue transplant.  There are very complicated rules, regulations and medical procedures that makes this very unreasonable in cosmetic surgery from a logistical standpoint.  From a medical perspective, if you have tissue transplanted from someone else who is not an identical twin, then your body would reject it unless you were on anti-rejection medications to suppress your body's immune response.  These medications carry a lot of risks and side effects that make them unreasonable to take outside of a life-saving transplant procedure.

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