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Male Body Implants Columbus

Get the physique you have always wanted and worked hard for with male body implants!

Why choose us for male body implants?
  • At the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery you can have your procedure in the privacy, safety and comfort of our two accredited surgery centers located right in our office!
  • Our board certified Anesthesiologist will keep you comfortable and safe while our surgeons enhance your physique
  • Both of our board certified Plastic Surgeons have superlative training in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and are recognized as leaders in body contouring surgery.
  • We perform a high number of male procedures and understand the unique needs of our male patients.

What are male body implants?

Obviously our anatomy, genetics and lifestyle all play a roll in how our physique actually looks.  Some patients work really hard at diet, exercise and weight lifting, but are still not able to build or define certain body parts.  The most commonly affected areas in men include the chest or pectoral muscles, the calves or buttocks.  In these situations, if the condition is severe, embarrasing, or just out of proportion from other areas of your body, male body implants can help to restore balance.  Male body implants are made out of a soft, but solid silicone that feels like natural tissue or muscle.  There are both custom made and off the shelf implants that can be used to further define, build and shape the male chest, calves and buttock area. These implants are long lasting and provide a permanent change to your physique.

Do male body implant results look natural?

Over the years, the number of designs and shapes of male body implants have increased dramatically as manufacturing techniques have developed.  We can even make customized implants specific for you!  This variety of implants ensures that we can get an implant that fits your particular body and will give you a natural and proportional result that you are looking for.  Finally, male body implants can be further shaped and refined during surgery to give you a very natural looking result.

What is the procedure for male body implants like?

Male body implants, including pectoral, calf and buttock implants is usually performed under general anesthesia as a same day or outpatient procedure.  Small incisions are made in inconspicuous locations like the armpit, knee fold, or buttock crease to place the implants. In the chest and buttock region, the implants are typically placed under your natural pectoral or gluteal muscle to provide more coverage for a more natural look and feel.  In the calf region, they are typically placed above the muscle under the calf fascia.  Compression is applied after surgery and you are restricted to light activities during the recovery period.

What is the recovery like after male body implants?

After your male body implant procedure, you are placed in a supportive compression garment or stockings.  You are asked to resume light activities like walking. Your pain is initially managed with stronger pain pills, then tylenol and motrin.  Light exercise can be resumed by two weeks but heavy more strenuous like weight lifting require a 6 week recovery period to ensure that you do not have any complications like bleeding or implant movement. Your new physique and results will be immediately visible!

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