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    Belotero Columbus

    Belotero Balance is a fast way to banish fine lip and smoker’s lines around the mouth!

    Why chose us for your Belotero Balance filler treatments?

    • At the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery our highly trained staff and doctors focus exclusively on cosmetic treatments of the face breast and body.
    • Dr Shah combines the best training in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery with years of experience and thousands of happy patients to deliver consistently superior results.
    • Cosmetic Surgery & treatments of the face are both an art and a science, so you should chose the best doctors to deliver the best results you can achieve
    • We are meticulous and caring, so "no stone will be left un-turned" as we strive to give you the best outcomes.

    What is Belotero Balance?

    Belotero Balance is a unique class of prescription injectable filler that is used to treat mild, moderate to severe facial lines and wrinkles around the mouth.  It is uniquely crosslinked to produce a smooth flexible gel that integrates well into the skin.  It is carefully injected under and into the skin by your doctor to erase or smooth facial lines by gently filling them in.  It blends into the tissues leaving a soft, natural feel.

    How does Belotero Balance work?

    • With aging, sun exposure, stress and smoking, the layers of the skin tend to lose collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid
    • These substances keep the skin looking smooth and plump, so their loss leads to etched in lines and wrinkles of the skin of the face
    • Belotero is injected just beneath and into the skin to erase those lines and wrinkles around the lips and mouth.  It can also be used as an "off-label" FDA treatment around the eyes.
    • It completely integrates itself into the tissue layers of the skin due to its nature gently filling the lines to leave a smooth result to both the eye and touch.

    Why would I want Belotero Balance treatments?

    Most patients like you want a very natural look and to look as good as they feel.  We spend a considerable amount of time trying to look our best through daily efforts like watching what we eat, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption, avoiding cigarette smoke, stress and sun exposure.  We also try to hydrate so that our metabolism works its best and our skin stays moist.  Make-up, fashion and accessories are other approaches we use.  Sometimes, these efforts become less effective as we age.  Fine lines can become etched into the skin making us look tired and worried and stressed even though we are not!  Belotero Balance is an effective way to quickly address these fine lines with little to no down time.

    What are the benefits of Belotero Balance?

    • Belotero feels very natural to the touch
    • The movement around the treatment areas such as the mouth are normal and undisturbed by the treatment
    • Belotero is a quick and easy treatment for lip lines with immediately noticeable results
    • This is a little to no downtime procedure
    • You can return to normal activities immediately

    What do you recommend I do before a Belotero Balance treatment?

    • If you are pregnant, have a cold sore, active acne in the treatment area, or skin infection in the treatment area, reschedule your appointment
    • Do not take aspirin, aspirin containing headache or cold remedies or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories like motrin, ibuprofen, alleve, or naproxyn.  Do not take vitamins containing vitamen E, Ginko Biloba or Garlic. These can cause bruising which will prolong your recovery.
    • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption which can thin the blood causing bruising that prolongs your recovery.

    What do you recommend I do up to 24 hours after a Belotero Balance treatment?

    • Avoid strenuous activity
    • Minimize strong sun exposure, especially without sunscreen
    • Do not take aspirin, aspirin containing headache or cold remedies or non-steroidal anti-inflammatories like motrin, ibuprofen, alleve, or naproxyn
    • Avoid excessive alcohol consumption
    • If you develop a cold sore or pimple, let us know so we can help

    What are the side effects of Belotero Balance?

    Most side effects related to Belotero treatment are minor and short-lived resolving in days to a week.  The most commonly described side effects include swelling, bruising, redness, hardness, pain, color changes of the skin, and itching.

    How long does Belotero Balance last?

    The length of time a filler lasts is dependent on a couple of things.  The most important factor is what the filler is made of, where it is placed, and how much is placed.  Hyaluronic acid fillers last longer.  Fillers around the mouth are absorbed a bit more quickly due to strong muscle activity and movement such as talking, smiling and smoking. On average Belotero injection around the mouth last up to 6 months or more.  This is comparable to other fillers.

    Should I consider any other treatments in addition to Belotero?

    Juvederm Voluma

    For additional information and pricing on Belotero treatments, email us at

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