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    Other Plastic Surgery Procedures Columbus

    Enhance Your Face and Body with Plastic Surgery

    flowersDr. Bivik Shah is a Columbus plastic surgeon who offers a wide range of cosmetic procedures for your face and body. Whether you want to improve your skin, reshape your features, or contour your figure, Dr. Shah can help you achieve your goals with his expertise and skills.

    Some of the facial procedures that Dr. Shah performs include:

    • Ear surgery
    • Acne scar removal
    • Cheek augmentation
    • Chin reshaping
    • Lip augmentation
    • Lower eyelid surgery
    • Neck lift
    • Collagen treatments
    • Dermabrasion
    • Fat injections
    • Restylane┬«
    • Rhinoplasty
    • Surgical facial skin rejuvenation

    Some of the body procedures that Dr. Shah performs include:

    • Abdominal liposculpture
    • Buttock implants
    • Calf implants
    • Male breast reduction
    • Breast symmetry

    If you are interested in any of these procedures, contact Dr. Shah in Ohio to book a consultation. He will explain the details, risks, and benefits of the surgery and answer any questions you may have. He will also show you before and after photos of his previous patients and help you set realistic expectations.

    To learn more about Dr. Shah and his plastic surgery services, contact the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery today. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you enhance your appearance and confidence.

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