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    Nipple Reduction Columbus

    Nipple Reduction: A Simple Solution for a Sensitive Issue

    Do you have enlarged or prominent nipples that make you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable? You are not alone. Many men and women have this problem, but they don’t talk about it. At the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Shah can help you with nipple reduction, a quick and easy procedure that can reduce the size and projection of your nipples and areolas.

    Dr. Shah is an expert in cosmetic breast surgery, including nipple reduction. He can perform this procedure alone or with other breast surgeries, such as breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, or gynecomastia reduction. He uses advanced techniques that preserve the lactiferous ducts and nerves, so you can still breastfeed and have sensation. He also minimizes scarring and ensures a natural-looking result.

    Nipple reduction can improve your appearance and confidence, as well as your comfort in clothing and intimate situations. You don’t have to live with prominent nipples anymore. Contact Dr. Shah today and find out how nipple reduction can change your life.

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