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    Hour Glass Figure Columbus

    Can I get an “hour-glass” figure if I don’t have one already?

    How to find out if body contouring surgery can restore your hour-glass figure in a few easy steps.

    Why chose the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery for your body contouring procedure?

    At the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery, our surgical team is led by two nationally recognized experts in body contouring surgeryDr. Shah has decades of experience and thousands of happy patients who have had successful body contouring surgery from non-invasive treatments to the most complex procedures.  His knowledge and experience with the latest advances in body contouring ensures that you will have the opportunity to choose the treatment that is most likely to meet your body contouring goals, fit your budget, and get you back to enjoying your life as quickly as possible.  All this, in the comfort, safety and privacy of our two conveniently located, accredited Plastic Surgery centers.

    Why do some people have an “hour-glass” figure and others do not?

    There are a number of factors that affect if you have or can get an hour glass figure.  Some people have a genetic pre-disposition to accumulate fat around the abdomen rather than the hips…the familiar pear versus apple shape scenario.  Changes in hormones around menopause can also cause fat accumulation more centrally around the abdomen and shortening of the spine moving you further away from an hour glass figure and towards an apple figure. An accumulation of fat inside the abdomen around the organs or under the skin around the waist can also move you away from a small waist.  The shape of your, rib cage, hip bones and your pelvic bone also affect the waist to hip ratio which is the most important factor in having an hour glass figure. 

    What can be done to enhance or create an “hour-glass” figure?

    An “hour-glass” figure means you have a waist to hip ration of about 0.7.  This is determined by taking the measurement of your waist at its narrowest point and your hips at its widest point and dividing the two numbers.  A waist to hip ratio of 0.7 is normal, healthy and attractive in females and 0.9 in men.  The goal of body contouring procedures is to address any excess fat or skin in areas that are excessive and add or restore volume to areas that are deficient.  This is the most effective way to restore, enhance or create an “hour-glass” figure. Usually this is accomplished by performing liposuction of the fat under the skin of the flanks, abdomen and back, tightening of stomach muscles and excess skin removal during a tummy tuck or body lift, and fat transfer to the hips and buttock as part of a Brazilian Buttock Lift.

    Are there any limitations that would prevent me from getting an “hour-glass” figure?

    How much improvement you achieve to get you closer to a waist to hip ratio of 0.7 does depends on how big your rib cage/hip bones/pelvis are, how much intra-abdominal fat you have, and how much fat you have under the skin around your waist, in your buttock and hip area.  A wide chest/rib cage or a narrow pelvis/hips will reduce the effectiveness of body contouring procedures.  Too much fat around the organs, or intra-abdominal fat, will limit how flat we can make your tummy and how narrow we can make your waist.  Excess fat under the skin is the most responsive to body contouring procedures such as liposuction, tummy tucks, fat transfer and body liftsDespite these limitations, these procedures are very powerful in improving your waist to hip ratio and getting you closer to that “hour-glass” figure that you desire.

    For additional information about body contouring procedures, contact us at office@instituteplasticsurgery.com

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