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    Pregnancy and Breast Implants Columbus

    What should I know about mixing Pregnancy and breast implants after breast augmentation (breast enhancement)?

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    There are two questions that typically come up when patients are concerned with the relationship between pregnancy and breast implants. The first is whether the implants will affect the pregnancy. The answer to that is simple—no. The implants will not affect the pregnancy in any way, so you will be able to have a normal, healthy child.

    The second question that comes up is whether the pregnancy will affect the implants. Many people think that if they get pregnant after a breast augmentation, the pregnancy will ruin their implants. This is not true. In general, pregnancy doesn’t do anything to the implants. They will stay the same shape, size, and position as they were before the pregnancy, however the shape of the breast itself may change significantly. That is, they may increase in size, as they often do when women get pregnant. Following the delivery of the child, or the end of breastfeeding, the breasts will usually deflate, or lose volume. When this happens, there may be some breast sag if the skin of the breasts doesn’t shrink with them. It is important to keep in mind, however, that this would still be the case even without implants. That said, the implants themselves will remain the same. If breast sag following pregnancy is something that you would like corrected, we recommend coming to see our top plastic surgeon in Columbus, Ohio for a breast lift.

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