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What should I know about mixing Pregnancy and breast implants after breast augmentation (breast enhancement)?

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There are two important parts to keep in mind when it comes to pregnancy and breast implants. The first is whether implants will allow you to have a normal pregnancy. The answer to this is simple: implants will not affect your pregnancy in any way, so you will be able to have a normal, healthy child.

The second question many of Dr. Shah's patients at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery in Ohio have is, "What will the pregnancy do to my implants?" Many people think that pregnancy will totally ruin their implants if they get pregnant after getting breast enhancement. This is absolutely not true. In general, pregnancy does not do anything to the implants. In fact, they will stay the same shape, size, and position after the pregnancy that they were before the pregnancy. However, the shape of your breast may change significantly. That is, most women, when they get pregnant will have breast that are enlarged or engorged. After you deliver the baby, or finish breast feeding, your breasts will usually deflate or lose volume. This means that the skin was stretched out for 9 months plus the time for breast feeding, and then the fluid inside the breast goes away. When it does, you may have some breast sag, if your skin does not shrink down. This would be the same if you had breast implants for over a year and then decided to remove the implants-you may have some breast sag.

So, after pregnancy, you may have some breast sag, but the implants will be fine. That is why some people choose to have a breast lift by Dr. Bivik Shah in Ohio.

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