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    Asclera Vein Treatment Columbus

    Magically erase spider & reticular veins of the legs with Asclera!

    Treat spider veins and reticular veins of the legs with sclerotherapy injections without surgery or downtime.

    Why chose Dr. Shah for your spider or reticular vein treatments?

    • Dr Shah is a board certified Plastic Surgeon and trained as a General Surgeon with extensive experience in Vascular Surgery before specializing in cosmetic Plastic Surgery
    • Treating spider veins looks deceptively simple, but an understanding of the underlying causes of the problem leads to a better result
    • We have extensive experience in the treatment of varicose veins, spider veins and reticular veins from a functional and cosmetic standpoint with all forms of treatment including surgery, lasers and injectables.
    • We care deeply about your results and your satisfaction with the care you receive at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery

    What are spider or reticular veins?

    Spider and reticular veins are abnormal formation of small blood vessels within and just beneath the skin.  They are usually smaller than 3 mm's and can be red, blue or green in color.  They can occur as a small patch on one of your legs or cover extensive areas of both legs.  This condition usually gets worse with time and never gets better on its own without treatment.  It can lead to embarrasment during the spring and summer months and cause you to avoid wearing swimsuits, shorts or skirts…a real bummer!

    What causes spider or reticular veins?

    • Heredity plays a significant role in who gets spider veins.  Some families unfortunately are more prone to venous disease than others.
    • Age is also a major contributing factor. As one ages, patients at risk for venous disease like spider veins usually develop them.
    • Female gender is another risk factor due to hormonal influences on the development of spider veins
    • Pregnancy is yet another risk factor for spider and reticular veins due to hormonal changes
    • Overweight or obesity contributes to spider veins by increasing the pressure in the venous system
    • Prolonged sitting or standing also increases your risk for spider and reticular veins by increasing venous pressure
    • Strenuous and prologned exercise like weight lifting, marathon running and traithalons can put you at risk for spider and reticular veins as a result of increased pressure in the venous system and damage to the valves of veins.

    What is sclerotherapyy

    Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical, virtually painless treatment of superfical spider or reticular veins of the legs.  It is performed by injecting very small amounts of a prescription medicine like Asclera into the spider or reticular veins with a very small needle and syringe under magnification.  The majority of these veins will go away immediately, then turn red before fading away.  Usually 1-5 treatment sessions are necessary to get 85-90% clearance of large areas of spider veins. Small areas require fewer treatments and complete correction is much more likely.  Treatments are usually spaced 1-2 weeks apart.

    What is Asclera?

    • Asclera is the only FDA approved injectable prescription medication in the U.S. for the treatment of spider or reticular veins less than 3 millimeters in width.  
    • It's generic name is polidocanol.  
    • It is a clear liquid that is injected into the vein being treated.

    How does Asclera work?

    Asclera is injected into the spider or reticular veins being treated with a very small fine gauge needle.  The medication pushes the blood out of the vein and irritates the lining of the vein until it gets inflammed and closes off.  This inflammation usually clots off the vein which is then absorbed by the body.  

    Will an Asclera treatment affect my circulation?

    There are two main vein systems of the leg, the deep venous system and the superficial venous system.  The deep venous system accounts for 90% of the flow of blood back to the heart.  The superficial venous system only accounts for 10% of the flow of blood back to the heart If the superficial venous system is diseased, it is routinely treated without affecting your circulation.  Spider veins and reticular veins only account for a miniscule fraction of blood flow of the superficial system, so treatment does not affect your blood flow.  In paiients at risk for blood clots, treatment can be a concern, so it is not recommended for these patients unless special precautions are taken.

    What is an Asclera treatment like?

    Asclera treatments are quite comfortable and fast.  The average treatment session lasts about 15-45 minutes.  Photographs are taken of your spider veins.  While standing, the affected areas are marked.  The skin is then cleansed with alcohol.  Under magnification, a very small, fine needle is used to inject small amounts of Asclera into the vein.  A gauze compression bandage and compression stockings are then applied.  For small areas, the stockings are worn continuously for 2-3 days, larger areas for 5-7 days continuously, then for 2-3 weeks during the day for both.  You can resume regular activities immediately.  Walking daily for 14-20 minutes is encouraged, but strenuous acitvity, airline travel, sun bathing and hot tubs should be avoided.

    What can I do after treatment with Asclera?

    • Resume normal activites
    • Wear your stockings as directed
    • Walk for 15-20 minutes daily

    Who should not get Asclera?

    • Pregnant our nursing mothers
    • Those with a known allergy to Asclera or Polidocanol
    • Those with a history of blood clots, or conditions known as DVT/VTE, PE

    For more information about Asclera treatments for spider or reticular veins, contact us at office@instituteplasticsurgery.com

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