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    This depends on the type of implant you receive. While all three (saline, silicone, and gummy bear) all look natural, it is generally understood that silicone feels the most natural.

    No. Despite what you may have heard from others or read online, it is absolutely false that you need to have surgery every ten years. There are only three reasons another surgery may become necessary for a patient who has already received implants:

    • If a capsular contracture occurs. This is when a fibrous, scar-like tissue forms around the implants and changes their shape.
    • If an implant ruptures or leaks.
    • If a patient wants to remedy a problem, such as breast sagging. This is the most common reason a patient would want another surgery. Larger breasts are more affected by gravity and, over a time, they may begin to sag, as breasts do naturally. If this happens, a patient may wish to undergo another surgery in order to counteract it. It is difficult to predict how much time will pass before sagging occurs – if at all – because skin type, nutritional habits, sun damage, smoking, breast implant size, and how much support the patient wears can all affect it.

    Yes. All of the implants that we use are approved by the FDA, and pose little risk to your overall health.

    Though anything is possible, it is very difficult to rupture a breast implant. Usually, only a major accident or injury with a very sharp object can cause an implant to rupture.

    Most people return to work within three to five days. If your work requires any heavy lifting, however, you may have to wait longer before returning.

    During the first few days, you can let your child sit on your lap, but it could take one to three weeks before you can actually lift him or her.

    There is a possibility that breast implants can interfere with your ability to successfully breast-feed. If your incision is made around the areola, there is a higher chance of this occurring. In order to reduce that chance, our top Columbus plastic surgeon recommend using the breast crease incision.

    When receiving a breast augmentation at CIPS, each of our patients is automatically enrolled in the Mentor Advantage Warranty. It includes up to $1,200 of financial assistance over a 10-year period for operating room, anesthesia, and surgical related charges. If your surgeon believes it is necessary to improve the symmetry of your breasts, free opposite side implant replacements may be requested.

    We have one of the best plastic surgeons in the country here at CIPS, and he'll take care to provide results that the patient is happy with.

    Yes, but we must first make sure that you are cleared to handle a longer operation. It is common for patients to bundle the breast augmentation with procedures such as liposuction and tummy tucks. Receiving multiple procedures at once is less expensive than receiving them individually, and it requires only one recovery period.

    No. Some doctors used to believe that massaging after surgery helps prevent capsular contracture, but we now know that it is not necessary. We will educate you about the proper aftercare techniques and dispel the common myths of cosmetic surgery to ensure that you are well prepared for a successful recovery.

    Before you undergo the surgery, you will receive a detailed review on how to care for your surgical incisions and how to maintain your overall health. If you have any questions following surgery, our top Columbus plastic surgeon is available to you 24/7.

    If someone in your family has had breast cancer, you are at a higher risk for getting it as well. It is very important to discuss your family’s medical history with your surgeon, but it is important to point out that implants will not increase your chances of developing breast cancer.

    Yes. After you heal, you will be able to exercise as much as you’d like. Sufficient healing typically takes four to six weeks.

    It is possible to develop stretch marks after a breast augmentation, but it is very rare. In general, the development of stretch marks depends largely on the quality of your skin.

    Anyone who is not medically healthy enough to tolerate surgery.

    No. Your pregnancy won’t be affected by your implants in any way, and they will not pose any risk or harm to you or the baby.

    The implants themselves will remain the same, but as is the case during any other pregnancy, the shape of the breasts may change. Most woman experience enlarged breasts during pregnancy, but they typically return to their pre-pregnant state after delivery and/or breastfeeding. Sometimes, the breasts may sag afterwards despite having the implants, but they themselves will not be affected. If this happens to you and you would like it corrected, we offer breast lifts as well.

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