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    Plastic Surgery Animations

    Watch an Animation of the Plastic Surgery you are considering!

    Everyone at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery is committed to helping you make sure you have the best plastic surgery by top plastic surgeons in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas such as Dublin, Dayton, Cincinnati, and Cleveland.   Dr. Bivik Shah and the entire staff understands and values the trust and confidence you are placing by choosing us.  The first step in deciding where to have plastic surgery, you have to first decide to HAVE plastic surgery!  Learning as much as you can will help you decide if plastic surgery is right for you!

    These animations are designed to provide an overview of several of the procedures offered at the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery. As always, we welcome you to contact us with any questions or set up a consultation to learn if the procedure you are interested in is a fit for you.

    Please watch as many of these animations as you would like and feel free to click the links to any of the procedures listed below the animation to learn more.

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