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    Abdominal Etching Columbus

    Can't get the ab definition you want? Consider Six Pack Ab Etching to finally get the ab definition you desire!

    High Definition Abdominal Liposuction for Six Pack Ab Etching

    Do you work out regularly and watch what you eat?  Do you work on your core muscles with exercise and weight lifting?  Can't get the six pack abdominal muscle definition that you want?  Consider Six Pack Ab Etching with High Definition Liposuction!!

    Why choose the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery for your Six Pack Ab Etching?

    At the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is all we do, everyday!  Combining top-notch Plastic Surgery training, years of experience, the latest technology and artistry, Dr Shah has been able to deliver outstanding results to thousands of happy patients.  He works with his outstanding staff to clearly understand the results that you want and the superlative experience that you have come to expect.  Our goal is to exceed your expectations with the highest  level of care, service and results.

    What is Six Pack Ab Etching?

    All patients that exercise regularly and watch their diet actually have six pack abs….they are just covered in some cases!  The rectus abdominus or six-pack muscles have natural points of inscription which make the vertical valleys under the skin.  The number, length and position of these inscriptions vary based on your own individual anatomy.  Whether your six pack muscle show or not is partly due to the amount of diet and exercise and partly due to genetics.  If you are doing your part and you still can't get the definition you want, your genes are probably working against you.  In this situation you can resort to extreme dieting and body building, but these habits are often not sustainable long term.  Another, more permanent solution is to perform high definition liposuction of the abdomen over the muscles to allow your natural definition and shape to show through.  The natural inscriptions are marked on the skin. The skin is prepped and draped. Under local anesthesia or twilight anesthesia, the excess fat of the abdomen is carefully liposuction to remove any excess.  The natural inscriptions are then further suctioned through four 2-3 mm incisions until the desired definition is achieved and your natural six packs are now visible.  The abdomen is taped and you go home on the same day feeling like you had a tough ab workout at the gym.  It's that simple!  Six Pack Ab definition on demand!

    Do the results of Six Pack Ab Etching look Natural?

    This is where the artistry comes into play!  The goal of the procedure is not to create a fake set of six pack abs where none exist.  The real goal is define your anatomy to the greatest extent possible to let your natural physique show through. Through careful preoperative evaluation and planning, natural results are well within your reach.

    How soon can I get back to working out after Six Pack Ab Etching?

    Your recovery after six pack ab etching will be quite fast. For someone who works out regularly, you will be back to doing normal activities within a few days.  We ask you to refrain from exercise for 2 weeks and then to resume your exercise regimen slowly thereafter and let your body be your guide.  Compression shirts like Under Armour help to get you back into your routine more quickly and comfortably.

    How soon will I see my results from Six Pack Ab Etching?

    The early results of high definition liposuction for six pack ab etching are visible immediately.  Final results take between 4-12 weeks for the vast majority of swelling to resolve.  Most patients can be on the beach or shirtless at the gym within a couple of weeks afters surgery and feel quite comfortable with their appearance.

    For additional information about High Definition Six Pack Ab Etching, email us at

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