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Sciton SkinTyte Treatments Columbus

Would you like firmer, tighter looking skin without surgery or recovery?

Sciton SkinTyte treatments deliver firmer, tighter looking skin of the face or body without surgery.

Why choose Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery for your Sciton Skin Tyte Treatment?

  • the Sciton Joule laser is recognized as the industry leading device for aesthetic laser procedures
  • Dr Shah has over 15 years experience with Sciton Lasers delivering excellent results
  • Our doctors are leaders in field of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and aesthetic laser treatments
  • Technology and exprience combine to deliver better results

Does Sciton Skin Tyte work to tighten skin?

Tightening of skin of the face and body without surgery is one of the most commonly requested treatments in our Cosmetic Plastic Surgery practice.  While surgery is still the most effective treatment for tightening the skin of the face and body, the Sciton Skin Tyte device is a truly effective option for patients who want a moderate improvement and do not have time to recover from a surgical procedure.  The device uses infrared energy combined with powerful cooling technology to selectively heat up the deeper tissues that attach the skin to the body while protecting the skin and keeping the treatment comfortable.  This energy also heats up the deeper dermal collagen and promotes contraction and the natural healing response to deliver firmer looking skin.  Skin Tyte does all of this comfortably, safely and with no downtime!

What is a Sciton Skin Tyte treatment like?

  • the procedure is quite comfortable even without anesthesia!
  • most patients describe it as feeling similar to a hot stone massage
  • the treatment takes about 30 minutes to complete depending on the area
  • mild redness and warmth is experienced after the treatment and usually resolves within minutes of completion
  • there is no-downtime and you can return to normal activities immediately

What can I expect after a Sciton Skin Tyte treatment?

  • immediate moderate improvement of the treated area and firmer skin is typical without any surgery
  • the amount of improvement depends on the severity of your pre-treatment skin laxity
  • Full results take 4-6 month months for collagen to remodel
  • all skin types can be treated as often as every couple of weeks

For additional information on how Sciton Skin Tyte treatments can give you firmer and tighter looking skin without surgery, contact us at

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