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    Top Ten Reasons We are the BEST Plastic Surgery Practice for You!

    The top Plastic Surgery with the best plastic Surgeons!

    1. We care about you!  We will listen.  We will hear you. Most importantly, we will give you the best care we can.  If we don't, we want to know!
    2. We are artists by nature!  Plastic surgery is an art.  To shape and form beauty takes a natural talent!  Dr. Bivik Shah is an artist by nature.  His creativity and an eye for beauty shows in everything he does!
    3. We are meticulous!  You will be in the hands of a staff and doctors that pay attention to every detail as if its the most important part of your care!  Everything from making sure your comfortable to making sure your surgery is as safe as possible is the only thing care about.
    4. We have our own top Plastic Surgery Center right in our Office.  Both offices – East Columbus, and Dublin, have a State and Nationally Certified operating room.   This means that you  have all the safety of a hospital with all of the requirements but none of the hassle!  Our staff only does plastic surgery so that you will be cared for by the best educated and skilled staff in Columbus, Ohio when it comes to Plastic Surgery.
    5. Your safety is our top priority!  You will be cared for by the latest and the best practices for safety!  We have our own Anesthesiologist (Dr. Gretchen Hollingsworth, M.D.) who watches you every second while you are under surgery!
    6. Our Doctors are the best trained plastic surgeons in the Columbus, Ohio area!  This means that you have the experience and knowledge of a top plastic surgeon!  It is very important to Dr. Bivik Shah to know the latest techniques.  Every year we go to the top Aesthetic (Cosmetic) Plastic Surgery conferences to learn the latest techniques and improvements.
    7. We perform a lot of surgery!  We have more experience than most plastic surgeons!  When someone asks me, how to find the best plastic surgeon, I tell them that they want the plastic surgeon that performs a lot of surgery!  When you are having surgery, your surgeon will have the experience to be ready for any possibility!   Dr. Bivik Shah performs more Cosmetic plastic surgery than any other plastic surgeon in the Columbus area!
    8. You don't have to worry about crazy hospital infections!  We only take care of healthy, plastic surgery patients.  You will never be in contact with, be next to, or be in the same room as someone that has a severe infection. Of course anything can happen, the chance of a severe infection is extremely low in our surgery center.
    9. Convenient location – two locations so that we are never far from you!  We have an office on the East Side of Columbus and in Dublin so that if there is an issue we are never far!
    10. Our Doctors are available 24/7!  If you have any issue or question, we will get it answered.  You don't have to wait on hold, go through a phone tree, or just not get a hold of someone!  You will always talk to a live person during the day, and after hours, one of our doctors is always on call!

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