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    Botox For Eyebrows Columbus

    Lift your tired eyebrows and soften wrinkles with Botox!

    Lifting and shaping your eyebrows with Botox and without surgery.

    Why choose the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery for your Botox for Brow Shaping treatment?

    Dr. Shah specializes in both surgical and nonsurgical cosmetic treatments of the face to reverse the signs of facial aging.  He leverages this superior knowledge of facial anatomy to be able to deliver "wow" results with facial injectables.  If you are looking for a natural, refreshed and rejuvenated look without downtime, consider consulting with our experts in facial rejuvenation.

    Do you feel like you look tired?

    When patients state that they feel like they look tired, this finding is commonly associated with aging of the eyes and eyebrows.  Unfortunately, depending on your forehead shape this finding can occur as early as the early thirties, but is more commonly found in the forties and beyond.  Forehead shape can cause your forehead skin and eyebrows to sit lower on your face.  Normally in a woman, your eyebrows should be 0.5 to 1 centimeter above the bone of the eye socket.  If this is not the case, most women will pluck or pencil their eyebrows in a higher position to simulate that pleasing arch of the eyebrow.  The drooping of the eyebrow also causes the upper eyelid skin to hang further worsening that "tired" look.  Fortunately, there are both surgical and non surgical solutions to tired eyes!

    How does facial muscle imbalance lead to facial wrinkles and tired eyes?

    When pre-mature drooping of the eyebrows and eyelids occur, the muscles of facial expression involuntarily react by trying to correct the problem.  This can lead to facial muscle imbalance.  Facial muscle imbalance is a leading cause of facial wrinkles and tired looking eyes.  Droopy eyebrows cause the forehead muscle to contract to elevate them leading to horizontal forehead lines.  The lines between the eyebrows and the crows feet lines are a result of muscle contraction and cause the eyebrows to fall further south in addition to causing wrinkles.  Most patients want those lines gone!   A better solution is to put those muscles into better balance to restore a pleasing and refreshed look to the upper face.

    How does botox help to lift and shape your eyebrows?

    By putting the muscles of facial expression of the upper face into better balance, we can simultaneously soften wrinkles and lift the eyebrows.  This combination treatment is very effective for naturally and gently lifting the eyebrows while softening unwanted lines of the upper face.  The first step is to block the muscles that cause wrinkles between the brows and in the crows feet area.  These muscles pull the eyebrows down, so treating them will soften those lines and allow the brows to raise naturally.  The forehead muscle which is an elevator of the eyebrows will not have to work as hard and the forehead lines will soften on their own.  In more severe cases, a small dose of botox can also be placed in the forehead muscle to further soften those horizontal line while leaving some expression in place.  In brow ptosis (drooping) patients, treating the forehead muscle strongly and in isolation of the other muscles of facial expression can lead to drooping of your eyebrows and a more tired look and feel…this should be avoided.  The other "neat" aspect about this treatment is that slight asymmetry of the eyebrows can addressed at the same time as your initial treatment.

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