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    Laser Hair Removal Columbus

    Eliminate your need to shave every day with laser hair reduction!

    Permanent hair reduction of the face and body with laser, intense pulsed light (IPL) and broad band light (BBL).

    Why choose Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery for your permanent Laser Hair Removal treatments?

    At the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery, our board certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr Bivik Shah focuses exclusively on Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Skincare, and Aesthetic Laser Services.   specialized training and years of experience help to ensure that you will get the treatment that is most effective and appropriate for you.  We also utilize the latest technology including lasers, intense pulsed light (IPL), broad band light (BBL) to treat all skin types safely and effectively.

    Does Laser Hair Removal actually work?

    There is good reason that Laser Hair Removal has become one of the most popular non-surgical treatments offered today!  Laser Hair Removal does actually work to permanently reduce the number of actively growing hairs and to decrease the size and texture of any remaining hairs.  The treatments accomplish this by targeting the hair at the follicle level where it starts…getting it at the root, so to speak.  This means no more shaving on a daily basis!  Many patients report shaving on a weekly or monthly basis or not at all depending on the area and number of treatments.

    Do Laser Hair Removal treatments hurt?

    Laser hair removal treatments are mildly uncomfortable even without any anesthesia.  Most patients describe the laser treatment as quick warm needle pokes or the IPL/BBL treatments as a snapping rubber band hitting your skin.  If you are not pressed for time, you can also have topical numbing cream applied to the treatment area before your treatment.  This makes the treatment very comfortable and without any suffering.  There is mild redness and warmth to the treatment area for a few minutes after treatment but there is no pain.

    How many Laser Hair Removal treatments will I need?

    • Between 3-10 treatment are necessary to get an 80-90% reduction of hair in the treatment area
    • Patients with conditions such as poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), hormonal imbalances or hyper-trichosis will require more treatments
    • After a full series of treatments to the desired outcome, most patients get a couple of touch-up treatments per year to keep things looking smooth and bare.
    • Our Forever Bare BBL package is an affordable way to maintain your results after you have completed your treatments

    How often can I get Laser Hair Removal treatments?

    To be most effective, it is important to time your hair removal treatments “just right” depending on the area that you are treating.  Hairs grow in three different phases with the active phase being the only phase where hairs are responsive to laser and light treatments.  Your treatments are scheduled to coincide with when the most amount of hairs are in their active growth phase.  Staying on this schedule is recommended for obtaining the best results in the shortest amount of time.  Here is a list of the intervals between treatments for the various parts of the body:

    • Face-Treat every 4- 6 weeks
    • Arms & Legs-Treat every 6-8 weeks
    • Body-Treat every 8-10 weeks

    Who is a good candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

    • coarse dark brown and black hair is very responsive to Laser Hair Removal treatments
    • blonde, red, or white hair is not very responsive to Laser Hair Removal treatments
    • patients prone to razor bumps or Pseudo Folliculitis Barbae (PFB)
    • NO evidence of conditions such as hyper-trichosis or Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome

    When should I NOT get Laser Hair Removal?

    • avoid treatment if you have recently tanned, it can lead to skin lightening or hypopigmentation
    • you have an active infection of the skin in or near the treatment area
    • if you are taking a medication that makes you more sensitive to light

    What can I expect from Laser Hair Removal treatments?

    Once you have had your consultation, you will be asked to shave before each treatment. This reduces the discomfort and risk of a blister or burn during treatment.  Avoid tanning for at least two weeks before treatment. If you have tanned, reschedule your appointment.  Photos will be taken to track your progress. You will have topical numbing cream applied. The numbing cream will be removed and a cool gel applied to the skin.  The laser will be used to treat the area.  You will smell “burning hairs which is the follicle being destroyed…that’s a good thing! You will have mild redness and bumps of the treatment area which usually resolve in a couple of hours.  You will notice the hair shafts fall out over the next few days and barer skin.  There is no downtime or recovery associated with this treatment!

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