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    Otoplasty Columbus

    Otoplasty or ear pinning effectively treat prominent ears in men!

    Treating prominent ears in men with “ear pinning” or Otoplasty in men.

    Why chose the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery for your Otoplasty procedure?

    At the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery, you can count on the fact the both Dr Shah has the most advanced training and experience in all facets of male cosmetic surgery.  Delivering superlative results in a convenient and safe manner are important priorities.  Otoplasty or ear pinning is a procedure that requires significant attention to detail to get an excellent and natural looking results.  In men, this is even more critical given that most men wear their hair closely cropped.  Let help you to achieve the results that you desire with a personalized approach that puts your concerns at the forefront!

    Do your prominent ears bother you?

    Prominent ears are a common developmental issue that affects men from a very early age in life.  In children, prominent ears can lead to teasing and psychological trauma.  Ear development is typically completed by age seven.  At this point it is appropriate to treat prominent ears that are causing un-necessary trauma.  Sometimes family members make light of this issue or use other coping mechanisms like letting a child, boy or man's hair grow long to camouflage the issue. While helpful, these coping mechanisms do not fully address the problem.  All it takes is one comment at the beach or pool after getting out of the water to bring this uncomfortable issue back to light.  Fortunately, the Otoplasty procedure can address this vexing problem in a simple outpatient procedure.

    What is Otoplasty or the Ear Pinning Procedure?

    Otoplasty is an outpatient procedure that is usually performed under local or twilight anesthesia to shape or reduce prominent ears that affect your appearance.  It is a particularly popular procedure for men because their close cropped hair styles do not adequately cover the protrusion of the ears.  A small 4-5 cm incision is made in the fold behind the ear.  This incision is used to reduce the depth of the cup of the ear, improve the folds of the ears, move the ears closer to the head and reposition the earlobes if necessary.  The final scar is well hidden behind the ear and very difficult to see once healed. A light compression dressing is placed over the head overnight, then a headband is worn nightly for 6 weeks to prevent movement of the reshaped cartilage.  The most common side effects are mild soreness and bruising and an occasional broken suture. 

    How soon can I get back to regular activities after Otoplasty?

    Given its minimally invasive approach, patients who have an Otoplasty procedure typically return to work within days to one week.  Usually, the swelling and bruising is very minimal and not very noticeable.  If you are in a very public forward facing role at work, you may need one week until you can feel completely comfortable from an appearance standpoint.  There is not downtime per se with respect to normal activities at home.  We suggest that you avoid full contact sports and heavy exercise for at least 6 weeks to give the reshaped cartilage enough time to assume its final and permanent shape.

    Will people notice anything after I have an Otoplasty?

    The change in your appearance after Otoplasty is subtle but significant.  The average observer will likely think that you have a new haircut, but will be hard-pressed to figure out why your appearance has changed.  You, on the other hand, will notice the change in your appearance immediately.  Most patients who pursue an Otoplasty have been considering it for years, so the results to you will be very dramatic.  As mentioned before, the swelling and bruising are typically minimal and not noticeable after few days to a week.  One of the most effective tricks to camouflage any change is to get a haircut right before your procedure and returning to work.  Most people will notice the hair cut and miss the change in your ears.  Before you know it, your ears will cease to be a point of concern for you and your self-image and quality of life will improve concomitantly.

    For more information about Otoplasty or "ear pinning" in men, contact us at

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