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    Broad Band Light (BBL) Skin Treatment Columbus

    “No-Downtime” Sciton Broad Band Light (BBL) treatment can dramatically improve your skin in many ways!

    Sciton Broad Band Light (BBL) treatments effectively treats a broad variety of skin conditions comfortably and with now down-time.

    Why chose the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery for your Sciton BBL treatments?

    As board certified Plastic Surgeons with specialized training in cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Dr Shah focuses exclusively on enhancing your quality of live through improving your appearance.  His years of experience, aesthetic skills, and outstanding staff will all be brought to bear on your condition.  Together, our team will leave "no stone unturned" in our quest to deliver the very best care and a superlative patient experience.

    What exactly is the Sciton BBL (Broad Band Light) treatment?

    • "Best-in-class" device used to effectively treat a variety of skin conditions efficiently, safely, and with no downtime
    • treatment wand emits a broad spectrum of light and a variety of filters are used to treat different conditions while protecting the normal surrounding skin
    • the device also cools the normal skin to prevent injury, keep the procedure safe, and eliminate the need for recovery or after treatment care

    How does Sciton BBL treatments eliminate your skin blemishes?

    Sciton BBL or Broad Band Light is one of the most efficient and powerful devices of its class available on the market.  This advanced technology allows your surgeon to effectively treat a wide variety of skin conditions and blemishes without injuring the skin.  

    The gentle nature of the treatment means that there is no downtime associated with the treatment.  You can return immediately to your daily routine at home and at work.  

    The treatment uses the largest treatment head available on the market to quickly and gently heat the upper layers of your skin.  The different wavelengths of light targets different areas of the skin to either close blood vessels, eliminate pigment or stimulate cells to produce new collagen.  Recent studies suggest that repeated BBL treatments may even delay or reverse the signs of aging of the skin.  For additional information on this important new study visit:

    What skin conditions does the Sciton BBL treat?

    • freckles, sun spots, age spots and pigmented lesions
    • small blood vessels and red spots
    • redness of rosacea
    • uneven skin tone
    • unwanted hair of the face and body
    • active acne 

    What can I expect with my Sciton BBL treatments?

    • patients typically get 1-8 treatments depending on what condition is being treated and how much improvement is desire
    • treatment feels like rubber band snaps even without any topical numbing cream and is over in minutes
    • mild redness of skin resolves within hours of treatment
    • pigmented lesions may become darker and flake before fading
    • skin will appear smoother, more even, and vibrant
    • may wear make-up immediately and return to all activities the same day
    • sun avoidance and sunscreen is recommended

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