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    Buttock Augmentation after Weight Loss Columbus

    You can have a shapely buttock even after dramatic weight loss!

    Why choose us for buttock contouring after weight loss?

    Body Contouring after significant weight loss is different from common cosmetic body contouring procedures.  Even though we use some of the same procedures and names, these procedures are significantly more complicated.  Severe skin laxity, nutritional issues and bony changes can cause very severe deformities.  At the Columbus institute of Plastic Surgery Dr. Shah specializes in these complex procedures and has a very significant experience with all facets of this new subspecialty.  As a leader in the field, he has developed techniques, published in peer reviewed journals, and regularly speaks at national and international medical conferences in this area.  It is this level of expertise that delivers the very best results for you.

    How does buttock contouring after weight loss differ from other procedures such as Buttock  Implants or the Brazilian Buttock Lift?

    Buttock contouring and augmentation is one of the fastest growing procedures being performed today.  Changing U.S. demographics, aesthetic preferences, and popular media coverage in large part are responsible for this trend.  Techniques for cosmetic buttock augmentation such as fat transfer or the Brazilian Butt Lift and Buttock Implants have also improved significantly delivering better and better results.  Despite these successes, these procedures are often not applicable to patients with significant weight loss.  Weight loss patients often do not have enough fat for transfer, their skin is often too loose, and the gluteal deformity can be too severe for these common techniques.  Fortunately, newer procedures such as Autologous Gluteal Augmentation with Tissue Flaps is an option for weight loss patients.

    Which butttock contouring procedure am I a candidate for?

    If you have enough fat (over two liters from liposuction-one large soda pop bottle full) and minimal skin laxity/drooping, then you may be a candidate for fat transfer alone.  If you have very little fat and no skin laxity/drooping, you may be a candidate for silicone buttock implants.  If you have little to moderate fat, significant skin laxity/drooping and poor buttock contour then you are llkely a candidate for buttock contouring with Autologous Gluteal Augmenation (AGA) with a circumferential body lift (CBL) or excisional buttock lift (EBL).  The AGA or tissue flap procedure is most often used in weight loss patients or patients with significant skin laxity due to aging or sun exposure.

    How do you contour the buttocks of a weight loss patient with their own tissue?

    This procedure reduces the skin laxity of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks with a body lift or buttock lift by removing skin and fat.  This is accomplished with either a Circumferential Body Lift (CBL) or an Excisional Buttock LIft (EBL).  With a CBL the incision goes all the way around under the bikini line.  With an EBL, the incision is only in the back above the buttock but under the bikini line. Rather than discarding the excess fat and skin, this tissue can be shaped into an implant made out of your own living tissues (Autlgous Gluteal Augmenation or Tissue Flap) to shape or augment the often deficient buttock area.  The skin is closed over the tissue flap.  The benefits include improvement of he abdomen, waist, and buttocks with your own tissue.

    Will my buttocks feel normal after buttock augmentation with your own tissues?

    As you heal from any excisional procedure where skin is removed, the body heals the sensory nerves to the skin over months after the procedure.  This results in normal sensation to the skin in the vast majority of  cases.  Because the tissue flaps are made of your won tissues, once the swelling resolves, your buttock goes back to feeling completely normal.  Because the tissue flaps heal to your other tissues, they are indistinguishable from normal buttock tissues.  

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