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      Our aesthetic procedures give men the handsome, sophisticated look they deserve.

    Male Botox Injections Columbus


    BROTOX, Natural Looking Injectable Results for Men!

    Natural-looking non-surgical facial rejuvenation for men with injectables.

    Why choose the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery for your injectable treatments?

    Dr. Shah specializes in both non-surgical and surgical rejuvenation of the face.  To this specialization, he adds his artistic skill to deliver the very best results that his patients have come to expect.  Natural, pleasing results that preserve your best features are an absolute priority.  In treating men, this perspective is especially important.  Botox and injectable fillers can quickly reverse the signs of aging and enhance the masculine features of the face without surgery and with a short recovery.

    Can men get natural-looking injectable treatments?

    Injectable treatments and techniques are different in men compared to women,  While the products used are the same, the techniques differ in order to get natural-looking results in men.  We correct the visible signs of facial aging like wrinkles and folds but preserve masculine features.  In men, the position of the eyebrows, the appearance of the lips, cheeks and chin are all important features that must be preserved or enhanced naturally.

    How can injectable treatments improve your masculine appearance?

    There are certain features of the face that signal a masculine appearance.  Fuller, flatter eyebrows, square cheeks, a strong chin and a strong nose are all features that signal masculinity.  While most men have some but not all of these features, their natural form can be enhanced to improve your appearance while reversing the signs of aging.  A weak nasal bridge or chin can be enhanced without surgery to give the face a more balanced appearance.  When enhancing facial features in men, we take your personal desires as well as our aesthetic judgment to deliver superlative results in men.

    What is the recovery like after injectable treatments?

    One of the main advantages of non-surgical injectable treatments is the short recovery associated with these treatments,  Depending on the treatment and number of injectables used, recovery can be as simple as no-downtime to a day or two.  Most patients have very minimal if any swelling or bruising.  If recovery is a concern, as about our “Comfort Protocol” designed to make your return to normal activities as short as possible.

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