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    Which is better CoolSculpting or Liposuction?

    We ARE the experts for both! That is why we offer the best CoolSculpting® experience and value for you! Most places only do CoolSculpting® which means they will try and talk into CoolSculpting or out of Liposuction!

    We offer both! Our only goal is to make sure you get the best results! How do we do that??

    First, every patient can meet with a plastic surgeon FOR FREE if they choose! This means you will get an honest, experienced, and the best advice for your treatment plan! We can guide you through figuring out if CoolSculpting® is best for you, or if Liposuction will get you that amazing shape, or for a few you may even do better with a tummy-tuck and liposuction. If you go to someone who only does CoolSculpting® how do you know you are doing the best procedure for the best results??

    Key differences between CoolSculpting and Liposuction

      CoolSculpting® Liposuction
    How much fat will be removed? Each cycle removes about 20% of the extra fat Removes all of the fat there is!
    How many times do I need to do it? Most people need 2 or more sessions Most people only need one session
    What is the recovery? Little to NO Recovery Most people need about a week
    What is the type of anesthesia? NO ANESTHESIA – you can drive yourself home! Most people need IV Sedation or Twilight Anesthesia – Click here to learn about IV Sedation
    Which has the best results Has noticeable results but most likely will need 2 sessions The best results possible, but it IS surgery and requires recovery
    What is the cost For the love handles – Each sessions is usually around $3000. $4600 total for two sessions (this is only an approximate, the actual amount can only be determined during a consultation) – Click here to see if we have any CoolSculpting® Specials. $3600 (includes everything) for the love handles – Click here to see if we have any Liposuction Specials!

    So how should I decide??

    At the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery, we feel the choice really comes down to if you are comfortable having surgery and have the time for recovery. If you have the time for recovery AND are okay with surgery, then Liposcution will give you the best shape and size with just one session. If surgery is not something you are comfortable with right now, or just don’t have time for the recovery, then CoolSculpting® is the best choice for you!


    Either way, The Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery is the best CoolSculpting® practice to help you learn and decide with option will give you the shape and look you want!

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